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Saturday game times

Time of games. I'll type match ups next after this

Usual Suspects --11am and noon
CC Evolution --noon, and 1pm
FW Rams --11am and 1pm
McAllen Team Slo -11am,12 noon,and 2pm
Houston Falcons--11am.noon,2pm
Houston Renegades--11am,noon,2pm
SA Greeks--11am,noon,2pm
Houston Thunder--1pm,3pm,5pm
Baton Rouge Blaze--1pm,3pm,5pm
Bryan Hurricanes--1pm.3pm.5pm
FW TEXANS --1pm,3pm,5pm
Smokin Aces--1pm,3pm,5pm
CC Run-n-Gun--1pm,3pm,5pm
Tuna Can Jones--1pm.3pm.5pm
Bryan Jokers--1pm,3pm.5pm
Arlington Villains--3pm,5pm,7pm
Houston Storm--3pm.4pm.6pm
Bayou City Cowboys--2pm,5pm.6pm
Michigan Decepticons--2pm,4pm,7pm
Houston Cyclones--2pm.4pm.6pm
Austin O's--2pm.4pm.6pm
Bryan Money Hustlerz--2pm,4pm,6pm
Dallas Razin Havoc--2pm.4pm.6pm
SA Trojans--4pm.6pm.7pm
McAllen Scatbacks--4pm.6pm.7pm
Houston Ravens--4pm,6pm,7pm
Houston Hipsters--4pm,,6pm,,7pm

Re: Saturday game times

11am Field 7- Usual Suspects vs Rams

11am Field 10 = McAllen Team slo vs Hou Falcons

11am Field 11 -Renegades vs SA Greeks

noon Field 7 = Usual Suspects vs CC Evolution

noon Field 10--Slo vs renegades

noon Field 11--Falcons vs Greeks

1pm Field 7- Rams vs EVO

1pm Field 8-Thunder vs Blaze

1pm Field 9-Hurricanes vs Texans

1pm Field 10-=Aces vs CC run=n gun

1pm Field 11--TCJ vs Jokers

2pm Field 7--Slo vs Greeks

2pm Field 8--Falcons vs Renegades

2pm Field 9--Cowboys vs Decepticons

2pm Field 10--Cyclones vs Auston O's

2pm Field 11--Money Hustlerz vs Havoc

3pm Field 7 -- villains vs storm

3pm field 8--Thunder vs Hurricanes

3pm Field 9-Blaze vs Texans

3pm Field 10 =Aces vs TCJ

3pm Field 11- CC Run n Gun vs Jokers

4pm Field 7 -Storm vs Decepticons

4pm Field 8- Scatbacks vs Hipsters

4pm Field 9- Trojans vs ravens

4pm Field 10 -Cyclones vs money hustlerz

4pm Field 11- o's vs Havoc

5pm Field 7- Villains vs Cowboys

5pm Field 8- Thunder vs Texans

5pm Field 9- Blaze vs Hurricanes

5pm Field 10- Aces vs Jokers

5pm Field 11- Run n Gun vs TCJ

6pm Field 7-Storm vs Cowboys

6pm Field 8-Scatbacks vs ravens

6pm Field 9-Trojans vs hipsters

6pm Field 10-Cyclones vs Havoc

6pm Field 11-o"s vs money hustlerz

7pm Field 7- Villains vs Decepticons

7pm Field 8- Trojans vs Scatbacks

7pm Field 9- Ravens vs Hipsters