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Pools and info

Teams and Pools

28 teams but Bandits dropped
Used current Rankings. 14 of 28 teams playing this weekend are on Rankings. Dallas teams do not have their tournaments submitted so they were not added as of yet. Therefore, Rams, Havoc, and Villains will be Ranked 15, 16, 17 of unranked teams to be fair.
Also, No out of town teams from same city in same pool
No more than 2 Houston teams in each pool
No more than one potential C team in each pool

NO SHORTS WITH POCKETS ALLOWED!!!! taped up is not allowed

Mushroom, Sonic, and Velcro flags allowed. NO ball and socket pieces allowed

I have a few Black shorts w/0 pockets for $20 left if you need some
I also have mushroom flags for $25 each, Sonic flags for $10 each, Dozen sonic for $60

10 teams will make A double elimination playoff Bracket. They will be 7 pool winners plus 3 wild cards
10 teams will make B DOUBLE ELIMINATION (NEW)Sunday playoff
7 teams that finish in their pool will go to C single elimination playoff

SEEDINGS determined by:
2. Head to Head
3. points ALLOWED ( most often used)
4. points scored
5. Coin flip
6. HOTTEST girlfriends with team park has a $5 weekend entry pass
No food or drink is allowed inside
No dogs either
Water Coolers are at the field

Pool 1
1. 210 Bandits (dropped)
14. Evolution
15. FW Rams
Houston Usual Suspects

Pool 2
2. Cyclones/Gators
13. Austin O's
16. Dallas Razin Havoc
Bryan Money Hustlerz

Pool 3
3. Houston Storm
12. Bayou City Cowboys
17. Arlington Villains
Michigan Decepticons

Pool 4
4. Houston Smokin Aces
11. Bryan Jokers
Houston Tuna Can Jones
Corpus Christi Run-n-Gun

Pool 5
5. McAllen Team Slo
10.SA Greeks
Houston Falsons
Houston Renegades

Pool 6
6. Houston Thunder
9. FW Texans
Bryan Hurricanes
Baton Rouge Blaze

Pool 7
7. SA Trojans
8. McAllen Scatbacks
Houston Ravens
Houston Hipsters