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Winter Tourny INFO and Game times

2 Locations
1)Woodlands park aka Park
17591 interstate 45 North,The Woodlands TX 77385

2) The farm league Park, aka Rob's park
19717 Stuebner airline, Klein TX(NW area of Houston)77379

Two nicest sets of fields in the city. NO GATE FEES to get in.
Concessions will be available at BOTH parks.
No Pets allowed
NO POCKETS on shorts allowed
Sonic and mushroom flags only
Mushroom flags will be available at the concession stands for $25
Mushroom upgrades available in Red, white, or blue colors

17 teams 4 pools.
5 teams advance to A Double elimination Bracket on Sunday( 4 pool winners plus 1 Wild card)
8 teams to B Sunday Double elimination playoff
4 teams to C single elimination bracket

CASH OPTION!!! Teams can voluntarily contribute $150 as late as before their first game Saturday to get in cash pot. 1st place in A wins 50% of pot, 2nd place in A gets 25%, B winner gets 25% of cash pot. If the winner did not contribute, it moves down to the next placing team that did. For example,if the top 4 winners in B did not contribute but 5th place did, then the 5th place team in B will get 25% of cash pot

Pool Criteria:
17 teams total
8 are on rankings and listed in order for pools
1 A team,Dallas Clutch, unranked and sandwiched between last ranked A and 1st ranked B team
7 out of town teams. no more than 2 in each pool

Playoffs divisions of A,B, and C determined by:
1. Record
2. Head to Head
3. Points ALLOWED, not scored
4. point differential
5. Points scored
6. Coin flip
7. Hottest female spectators

Pool 1 ( plays at Woodlands)
1st seed Houston Storm
8th seed Houston Tuna Can Jones
9th seed Corpus Cristi Samaraii
Houston Hipsters
Houston Ponytails

Pool 2 ( plays at the Farm league,Everyone's games are at 10am,12noon,and 2pm)
2nd seed Smokin Aces
7th seed 361 Bullies
Austin Unleashed
Houston Renegades

Pool 3 (plays at the Farm league,Everyone's games are at 11am,1pm,and 3pm)
3rd seed Houston Cyclones
6th seed Dallas Clutch
Houston Usual Suspects
CC Thundercats

Pool 4 ( plays at the Woodlands park, All teams play at 11am.1pm, and 3pm)
4th seed Bayou city Cowboys
5th seed McAllen Scatbacks
San Antonio New Era
Houston Hands

Field 3 is the one with RED cushions on field goal posts, closest to entrance
Field 2 is the one with BLUE cushions on field goal posts, closest to concession house

10am F3 Smokin Aces vs 361 Bullies
10am F2 Unleashed vs Renegades
11am F3 Cyclones vs Thundercats
11am F2 Clutch vs Usual Suspects
12noon F3 Aces vs Unleashed
12noon F2 361 vs Renegades
1pm F3 Cyclones vs Usual Suspects
1pm F2 Clutch vs Thundercats
2pm F3 Aces vs Renegades
2pm F2 361 vs Unleashed
3pm F3 Cyclones vs Clutch
3pm F2 Usual Suspects vs Thundercats

The Woodlands Park,
F1 is the artificial turf field
F2 is the natural grass field

10am F1 Ponytails vs Hipsters
10am F2 Samaraii vs TCJ
11am F1 Cowboys vs SA New Era
11am F2 Scatbacks vs Houston Hands
12noon F1 Ponytails vs Storm
12noon F2 Samaraii vs Hipsters
1pm F1 Cowboys vs Houston Hands
1pm F2 SA New Era vs Scatbacks
2pm F1 Ponytails vs TCJ
2pm F2 Hipsters vs Storm
3pm F1 Cowboys vs Scatbacks
3pm F2 SA New Era vs Houston Hands
4pm F1 Ponytails vs Samaraii
4pm F2 TCJ vs Storm