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Sunday playoffs

Remember move your clocks forward tonight

A. Bracket
8am 1 seed SA Trojans vs 8 seed SA Greeks F3
8am 2 seed Colors vs 7 seedTFF Field 4
8am 3. Seed clutch vs 6 seed Scatbacks Field 2
8am 4 seed 361 vs 5 seed texans field 1

B bracket
1 seed HoustonCC vs 4 seed suspects Field 1 9am
2 seed Bad Boys vs 3 seed Samaraii Field 2 9am

C bracket
1 seed Punishers vs 4 monsters Field 1 10am
2 seed Evo vs 3 seed knights Field 2 10am

Re: Sunday playoffs

I was told that the knights now play at 1pm can this be confirmed?