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Tourny info and Game times

22 teams
5 pools
8 teams make A Sunday Double elimination playoffs( 5 pool winners, plus 3 wild cards)
8 teams to B double elimination playoffs Sunday
6 teams to C single elimination playoffs Sunday ( 5 last place plus 1 wild card)
Winners in each division get trophies and Drifit style championship shirts
20 All tournament players will get Shirt commemorating their accomplishments

There is a $5 PARKING fee at each park. $5 PER CAR(not per person) to encourage carpooling because of limited parking.

BACAS pain management Doctors will be providing FREE exams and draw string back packs at the Woodlands fields

NO POCKETS on shorts
Mushroom flags allowed
$20 for pocketless black shorts if you need some (Large to 3XL)
$25 for mushroom flag upgrades available in Red or Blue

Woodlands Park 9am,11am,1pm
409 Boyz

Pool 2
Woodlands Park 10am,12noon,2pm
Usual Suspects

Pool 3 Klein Park, 12noon,2pm,4pm
210 Bandits
Bayou City Cowboys
Tuna Can Jones

Pool 4 Klein Park, the 1pm.3pm.5pm
Smokin Aces

Pool 5 Woodlands Park 3pm thru 7pm
Lubbock Umbuntu

Woodlands Pool 1
9am Turf Thunder vs Sharks
9am Grass Texans vs 409 Boys
11am Turf Thunder vs 409 boys
11am Grass Texans vs Sharks
1pm Turf Thunder vs Texans
1pm Grass 409 boys vs Sharks

Woodlands Pool 2
10am Turf Cyclones vs Usual Suspects
10am Grass Setx vs Jokers
12noon Turf Cyclones vs Jokers
12noon Grass Setx vs Usual Suspects
2pm Turf Cyclones vs Setx
2pm Grass Usual Suspects vs Jokers

Klein Park Pool 3
Field 1 = Hurricane Field ( written on goal post)
Field 2= Colt Field ( written on goal post )
12noon F1 210 Bandits vs TCJ
12noon F2 Cowboys vs Unleashed
2pm F1 210 Bandits vs Unleashed
2pm F2 TCJ vs Cowboys
4pm F1 210Bandits vs Cowboys
4pm F2 Unleashed vs TCJ

Klein Park Pool 4
Field 1 = Hurricane Field ( written on goal post)
Field 2= Colt Field ( written on goal post )
1pm F1 Aces vs TMT
1pm F2 Aftershock vs Clutch
3pm F1 Aces vs Aftershock
3pm F2 Clutch vs TMT
5pm F1 Aces vs Clutch
5pm F2 TMT vs aftershock

Woodlands Park Pool 5
3pm Turf Storm vs Warhawks
3pm Grass Havoc vs Falcons
4pm Turf Storm vs Vision
4pm Grass Falcons vs Lubbock Unbuntu
5pm Turf Havoc vs Unbuntu
5pm Grass Falcons vs Warhawks
6pm Turf Havoc vs Vision
6pm Grass Storm vs Unbuntu
7pm Turf Vision vs Warhawks

Re: Tourny info and Game times


Which fields will be played on Sunday or is that TBD? Thanks!

Re: Tourny info and Game times


If you make the A playoff, all games are at the woodlands starting at 9am with championship at 4pm and an "if" championship game at 5pm

if you make the B playoff, all games are the farmleague fields off stuebner airline starting at 9am for everybody with a championship game at 4pm and an "if" championship game at 5pm

The C playoff teams start at 10am at the farmleague fields for all games except the championship at 3pm which will move on to the turf at the woodlands park.Semi final games will end at 1pm and 2pm. You'll have at least an hour to drive to the field ( it's 15 mins away is all)