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Pre Season Classix XVI--Tourney info and Game times

Tourney info and Game times
24 teams
8 pools

10 teams make A playoffs(8 pool play winners plus 2 wild cards;7-10 seed will play on Saturday at 315pm)
14 teams make B playoffs(B bracket will start at 215pm on Saturday)
SEEDINGS determined by:
2. Head to Head
3. points ALLOWED ( most often used)
4. points scored
5. Coin flip

ALL games at Olmos Basin-500 Devine Rd
Park just had a sewer line break this week so you will see detour signs and parking closest to field is limited(Hildebrand/281 Entrance). Another entrance is thru E Contour Dr and Dick Friedrich(Olmos St & Contour)
Please CARPOOL if possible
Full Concessions
Pool A
McAllen Team Slo
SA New Era
SA Apaches

Pool B
SA Gators
Brownsville Team X
SA Ravens

Pool C
SA Trojans
Dallas Purple Stuff
Del Rio Venum

Pool D
Bayou City Cowboys
361 Bullies
SA Shoguns

Pool E
FW Rams
Lackland Warhawks
SA Warriors

Pool F
McAllen Skatbacks
Central Texas Unleashed
SA Field Mob

Pool G
SA Bandits
Laredo Warriors
SA Vicious

Pool H
Dallas Syndicate
More Than Sports Rockers

F1 8:00 Gators vs Ravens
F2 8:00 New Era vs Apaches
F3 8:00 Cowboys vs Shoguns
F4 8:00 Trojans vs Venum

F1 9:00 SA Warriors vs Warhawks
F2 9:00 Apaches vs Slo
F3 9:00 Cowboys vs 361 Bullies
F4 9:00 Trojans vs Purple Stuff

F1 10:00 Gators vs Team X
F2 10:00 Slo vs New Era
F3 10:00 Shoguns vs 361 Bullies
F4 10:00 Fiel Mob vs Unleashed

F1 11:00 Team X vs Ravens
F2 11:00 Texanflagfootball vs Syndicate
F3 11:00 Bandits vs Vicious
F4 11:00 Purple Stuff vs Venum

F1 12:00 Texanflagfootball vs Rockers
F2 12:00 Rams vs Warhawks
F3 12:00 Vicious vs Laredo Warriors
F4 12:00 Skats vs Field Mob

F1 1:00 Rockers vs Syndicate
F2 1:00 RAMS vs SA Warriors
F3 1:00 Bandits vs Laredo Warriors
F4 1:00 Unleashed vs Skats

Just want to say thanks to all the teams making trip and hope you enjoy!!
I tried my best to accommadate game time request however didn't work in every instance. Have a safe trip and try and get to fields early.