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Tournament Times

18 teams
4 pools
9 ranked teams

6 to A playoffs ( 4 pool winners plus 2 wild cards)
8 to B playoffs
4 to C playoffs

Pool ONE
1st seed McAllen Slo
8th Seed Waco Go Gettas
9th Seed SA Warriors

Pool TWO
2nd seed Storm
7th Seed Cowboys
409 Boyz
Dying Breed

3rd seed Cyclones
6th seed Smokin Aces
SETX Playmakers
Bad Luck

4th seed Thunder
5th sedd Bandits

10am F1 Chaos vs Dragons
10am F2 Slo vs Warriors
10am F3 Thunder vs Bandits
10am F4 Jokesters vs Dubbcity

11am F1 Storm vs 409 boyz
11am F2 Cowboys vs Dying Breed
11am F3 Cyclones vs SETX playmakers
11am F4 Smokin Aces vs Bad Luck

12pm F1 Go Gettas vs Chaos
12pm F2 Dragons vs SLO
12pm F3 EVO vs Thunder
12pm F4 Bandits vs Jokesters

1pm F1 Storm vs Dying Breed
1pm F2 Cowboys vs 409 Boyz
1pm F3 Cyclones vs Bad Luck
1pm F4 Aces vs Playmakers

2pm F1 Warriors vs Go gettas
2pm F2 Chaos vs SLO
2pm F3 Dubbcity vs EVO
2pm F4 Thunder vs Jokesters

3pm F1 Storm vs Cowboys
3pm F2 409 Boyz vs Dying Breed
3pm F3 Cyclones vs Aces
3pm F4 Playmakers vs Bad Luck

4pm F1 Dragons vs Warriors
4pm F2 Bandits vs Dubbcity
4pm F3 Go Gettas vs EVO