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Re: London Marathon results

Well done, Babs, on the PB!

I have posted a few photos on our Flickr gallery:

Re: London Marathon results

Amazing results by everyone well done.. fantastic day thank you NHRR for allowing me to do this through the club ballot it's a day I'll never forget, the support was amazing by everyone the whole way around.

I was really happy with my time considering I only did three runs over ten miles (due limited time caring for my beautiful 10 month old baby and new home jobs) and one being the disaster at oakley only three weeks ago.

The support carried me around I almost didn't believe the miles as they flew by so quickly and only started to feel the burn at 22 miles but made it around my 10th marathon in 4th quickest time mostly on positive and emotional power so very happy.

I owe the royals an apologie as well as I came to the finish line I thought they could of blooming waved to us all from the balcony, only to see them at the finish line supporting and handing out medals Will, Kate and Harry top stars.

Thank you again NHRR, I don't manage to get to training anywhere as much as I'd like but your the best club ever

Re: London Marathon results

Well done everyone yesterday! I'm very disappointed with my time, I have more excuses than a labour government however I just wasn't good enough on the day! Had an awesome day out though. Everything was going to plan until just after mile 14, I was a minute and a half up on my time and feeling fresh and strong then my legs started feeling like jelly for no reason what so ever, I've never had this feeling before, I tried fighting through it and managed to stay with the 3 hour pacer until just after mile 20 then my legs buckled from underneath me almost making me fall to the floor I still tried to keep going but it was then that I knew I wasn't making sub 3hrs. I tried walking for a bit to see if that would help but after that it was a struggle to run 100 meters without stopping. Thanks for Nick M and Adrian S for trying to get me going again but I was in a bad way. Thanks to everyone cheering on the course, you were all awesome. Thank you to Astrid and Steve for all your advice and support this week. Finally a big thank you to Karen who has helped me all the way through training, I've done a lot of my training on my own but have felt like I've had you on my shoulder the whole way, sorry I couldn't pull it off. This was going to be my last marathon however can't leave marathon running on this run so going to do one more at Riga in 3 weeks which will be my 7th (a good number to stop on), not going for sub 3 but just want a better run to end on.

Re: London Marathon results

Darren, that sounds like a real battle, well done for doing as well as you did in tough circumstances...

Re: London Marathon results

Well done Darren - I'm afraid there is only really one way to get used to those last 6 miles and that is by keeping doing them... Well done for keeping going and finishing. You may well surprise yourself at Riga...

Re: London Marathon results

I was following you all on the tracker and that was exciting stuff!!!

Well done everyone, you have inspired me to possibly have another marathon dabble

Congratulations to you all

Re: London Marathon results

Well done to all who ran. Congratulations to Rob on getting under 2:45, it was so close last time so definitely well deserved. Also a big well done to John - that was a very big and we'll deserved PB.

Re: London Marathon results

I would like to echo the thanks for the supporters on the course - there was a lot of noise when I ran past waving my handful of vaseline just past halfway.

It was just before Tower Bridge when I realised that I wouldn't be able to get my A goal and knew that the second half was going to be tough. Cramps started at mile 18 and were very painful from mile 21 onwards. There were so many casualties pulling up, staggering to the side, being dragged along by event staff - if those guys were still trying to get to the finish, I had to keep pushing. Ended up getting the right side of 2:45. Then got a bit emotional in a portaloo.

Other commitments have meant 5 runs a week has usually been my max, typically early morning starts which I try to tie in to my commute down to London during the week. I need to find some way of being more efficient in order to step up again next year!

Well done to everyone who ran, especially those who got the time they wanted. Those who didn't, there are plenty more races other than London, like Snowdonia, which I'll be doing again in October (it's not a PB course; it is a different and fantastic experience - running shouldn't be all about PBs...)

Re: London Marathon results

Well done Rob! Fantastic achievement and well deserved.

But also -

Quote: Rob H
running shouldn't be all about PBs...)
Couldn't agree more!

Re: London Marathon results

I was on the coach and and in Green start with lots of you NHRR guys and girls on Sunday (thanks for the company )

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