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Mob match results

I've had the provisional results through for the mob match. I'm sure they'll go up on very soon.

The men and vet men came first, with the women and vet women in 2nd place behind st Alban's striders.

Overall, that means that NHRR was tied on points with the striders, but just in second place by a tiny margin on scores.

Well done everybody! And thank you for the excellent support throughout the whole MWL season. Roll on division 1 next year!!

Re: Mob match results

well done all, so we not only got promoted, but we already holding our ground within the division 1 teams :-)

Re: Mob match results


2 38:39 Katie Harbon
3 40:10 Astrid McKeown
14 44:19 Paula Adams
27 45:48 Natasha Pitman
44 47:48 Chloe Lucas
48 48:14 Kat Burr
83 52:34 Helen Harbon
102 54:58 Lucy O'Connor
110 56:00 Sue Vaughan
118 56:31 Michelle Grudzinski
159 1:00:37 Alison Blunt
160 1:00:44 Shiela Leavy


4 34:50 Mark Vaughan
5 34:55 Jim McConnel
13 36:02 Darren Sunter
16 36:14 Adam Bowller
21 36:24 John Rayner
31 37:04 John Auld
42 37:42 Nicholas Malpeli
45 37:46 Stewart Overton
55 38:17 Steve McKeown
63 38:39 Ryan Smith
66 38:58 Peter Sibbett
67 39:02 Simon Poole
74 39:29 James Keogh
78 39:44 Oliver Garbas
82 40:08 Darren Matussa
85 40:12 Vincent Wright
237 47:43 Steve Lummis
238 47:48 Phil Hunt
273 49:04 Chris Poole
340 53:07 Adam Wilson
361 54:25 Alan Hazelhurst
364 54:34 Ian Sutcliffe
424 57:19 Brian Bailey
499 1:10:27 Brian Judkins

Re: Mob match results

St Albans pipped us by a score if just 8!

Pos OVERALL Score Points
1 St Albans Striders 548 35
2 North Herts Road Runners 556 35

Re: Mob match results

Well done everyone! Another great set of results.

Re: Mob match results

Thank you to all those who helped organise (MWL Rep Ellie, Team Captains) the various helpers who took down the scores, all the volunteers at our race, and of course all our runners, not to mention all those who turned out to cheer us on. A very enjoyable season all round. Roll on next year in Division 1.

Re: Mob match results

Well said Nick, I totally agree. Awesome season.

It's been an honor running with you lot this summer. I really enjoy running with the scoring team, it's brilliant, we smashed it! But I also really really enjoy having as many Squirrels running as possible. It really helps. It makes a fantastic experience. Every single squirrel that runs is contributing to the cause. It's fantastic to see all those vests. (Those that remember to bring them )

Without taking anything alway from Jim, the deserving league winner, I have to give shout out to Ed for a stunning performance that unfortunately didn't earn a trophy.

Kudos to supporters/helpers. I think Strava need to develop a kudos mechanism for spectators...


May it continue into the Autumn/winter with XC season!

Re: Mob match results

Completely agree, John. Great team spirit has been the basis of our success.

My plans for this weekend have changed and I am now in Lancashire, but I hope you all enjoy celebrating at the Hog Roast tomorrow.