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FVS Challenge

Slight change this year as for the 23rd running of this event we did it backwards! Mostly this was fine as the route was recognisable in reverse but at times it wasn't and then it was quite tricky working out where I was on the route description and where to go next. I don't think I am the only one to do and extra mile or two... There were quite a few complaints about the route description but I think it was actually pretty accurate, the problem was we are all so used to just running it that we weren't concentrating properly!

I have to admit I did struggle somewhat today. The first 8-10 miles were OK but then I think last week's 10-in-10 started to kick in. In fact I think today would have been easier if it had been Day 11 and I hadn't had a week off in between. Anyway I struggled on and finished in 5.27 and first lady for the Ultra (50k) but it is a rather hollow victory as I passed very experienced and much better than me Ultra Runner Lisa Walbridge at about 30 miles struggling to even walk with a quad problem. I stopped to check she was OK and whether she needed me to help her finish but she told me to keep going as there was nothing I could do so, feeling rather mean, and as we were only 2 miles from the finish, I did.

I saw Niccolo at the start and finish - I think he came in just under 6 hours - but due to the staggered start times missed any other squirrels who were running.

Re: FVS Challenge

I think I waster like 10 minutes in the woods at mile 3 or so, then tons of time at each check point drinking and eating all I possibly could. I finished it in 5:55:58, with an extra mile more or less. Me and my race partners (found along the way!) freely 'interpreted' the Datchworth loop, but in the end we ran the right distance somehow.

And it's been my first time running coke during a race...much needed for the last 6-7 miles! I've no idea how you managed to run this one only week after a 10-in-10, you're amazing :)

Re: FVS Challenge

I only did the marathon distance but was a lot slower than Jo and Niccolo who did the 50K! Still I enjoyed the route. It was a nice change going the other way round. Got lost a few times and did just under 28 miles.
I finished in 6.21. Well done to Jo on her continuing amazing marathon journey and also to Niccolo.