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Biomechanics therapist

Can anyone recommend one of these? I'm asking as a favour for a work colleague. I don't understand the differences but he asked specifically about biomechanics as oppose do to an osteopath or chiropractor, which I think he's already tried. Thanks.

Re: Biomechanics therapist

Hi Dan,

Biomechanics tends to be something we look at in order to give the correct treatment or exercise prescription. It's basically checking to make sure everything us working in the correct way for optimum efficiency. For instance, I frequently check glute firing patterns or video the running gait of my clients to screen for biomechanical issues. I'm a Sports Therapist and would be happy to have a chat with your colleague to see if I can help them. I also have various practitioners to refer them to if I feel they would be more suitable. My number is 07920 838040 if they would like to give me a call.


Re: Biomechanics therapist

Thanks a lot Nicky, I'll pass this on.