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Watford Open Track meet race results

Last night Darren M and myself ran at the Watford Open track meet under the flood lights.

Darren ran in the 1500m race and finished first in race 3 of 15, in 4:56.9.

We both then ran in the 3000m race 1 of 2. I was pacing round for my #breaking10 attempt. To which I ran near constant 80s laps apart from the last one to dip under 10.

I finished 2nd in 9:52:12 and Darren 10th in 10:37.50.

An under 15 year old beat me by 16 seconds! There were some top quality youngsters there. This was my first race as a V35, so happy to be first v35!

Some very quick people at the meeting, the final 1500m race was won by Elliot Giles, who ran at the World champs. He finished in 3:41.27!

We both had great support from Karen, Pete and John R. Thanks for the cheers!

Re: Watford Open Track meet race results

Was an enjoyable evening watching some class athletes. Thank you to Karen, Pete and John R for supporting, was great to have you there. I enjoyed it so much I'm going to do it again in 2 weeks time.

Re: Watford Open Track meet race results

Well done both of you - fantastic results! Unfortunatey even the thought of tha pain of running as fast as I can for 1500m never mind 3000m makes me feel ill.

John - there a a very good reason why the 15 year old (who probably doesn't do any training and borrowed a pair of trainers from his mate 10 minutes before the start and was only doing it for a bet) beat you - welcome to the world of embracing Age Graded Percentages!