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Woodford Open 3000m Race Walk

Tues 5th Sept

Small world - bumped into Darren Matussa who was also competing this evening.

My race was my first race walk on the track - an 'A' race where a stricter interpretation of the rules is applied by the judges.

A close race where I lost out in a sprint finish (if you can call it that) No warnings.

2nd 15:26


Re: Woodford Open 3000m Race Walk

Great time David, just 5s slower than I ran at the FVS relays!!

Re: Woodford Open 3000m Race Walk

Well done David and good to read that your technique must be becoming more consistent - not an easy thing to learn I am sure...

Re: Woodford Open 3000m Race Walk

Well done David was good to see you...... you had just taken the lead when I left and was in good rhythm so must of been a great effort from the guy behind you to come back as he looked beaten.

I did the mile and 3k at Woodford results were - 1 mile race: I came 4th in race 1 of 2, time was 5:12.89 and in the 3k race I came 12th in the only race with a time of 11:04.51.

Tonight I ran 800m and 3k at the Watford open meet, results were - 800 m race 4 of 16 I came 1st in a time of 2:25.39 and the 3k I was in race 1 of 3 and came 13th in a time of 10:22.01 which is 15 seconds quicker than at Watford 2 weeks ago so although I'm still a long way off fitness with having a busy summer getting my fat on at least it seems my times are starting to come back down in the right direction 👍