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Yellow Group+ Sunday run 17th September

The Spirella car park 9 AM.

This is an 'easy run' of approx 6 miles/10K. No one will be left behind. Open to anyone prepared to run at 10:30-11 mins mile.

Green & Blue Lagoons - route is mostly on tracks.

Brief route description:

Spirella -> Cowslip -> Standalone

-> Greenway -> big hill, turn left -> Fairfield

Cross road -> right 200m then up long drive passing 'The Asylum' & cricket pitch

At end (Hardy Way) left 100m - turn right down Livingstone Way -> Fairfield perimeter path & go left 200m -> pooh bin

Turn right -> passing Green lagoon -> wide track -> turn left -> Blue Lagoon

Find a path -> trees -> Fairfield perimeter path -> right -> Stotfold Road

near Two Chimneys -> cross road -> path back to Standalone -> Spirella.


Please post if you are going to run.

Re: Yellow Group+ Sunday run 17th September

Hi. Anyone running?

Re: Yellow Group+ Sunday run 17th September

I'm still not running Allison - maybe someone will turn up tomorrow who hasn't posted -as it stands it looks like you may be on your own.

Re: Yellow Group+ Sunday run 17th September

Just got back from supporting our amazing runners at the round Norfolk relay. I'm feeling very tired so I doubt I'll make it tomorrow.