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St Edmunds Marathon

Not quite as interesting as Snowdonia or Beachy Head but a lot closer to home and probably a lot cheaper! 2 lap route with the half marathon starting 2 hours later which really helps marathon runners keep going. Even better on this route the marathon took a slight diversion which dropped us back into the half at mile 4/17 amongst probable 2.15 runners so we then spent 9 miles slowly overtaking half runners which is very good for motivation.

Got there late (as usual), main car park was full so had to park in an overflow a 10 min walk away, my Garmin wouldn't start, queue for the loos (someone let me in as they were there for the 10k starting half an hour later), beginning to get fed up and then I spotted Catwoman (AKA Frances) - and then my Garmin started and then everything was fine again! We trundled along together as usual but both finding it hard work - probably from not doing one last week. We must have been struggling a bit as the talking stopped at about mile 7 and didn't start again until mile 19 when we had a gel each. If you think gels don't work, they do, you just weren't worn out enough.

Ran pretty much the same pace for the whole 26.2 miles and were very pleased to finish in 4.06 and just in time for prize giving - =4th ladies, 1st FV50 and 1st FV60!

Definitely one I would do again and potential to be pretty quick if I was in the mood - interesting route (ie I had no idea where I was most of the time!) and I would struggle to describe it as even gently undulating.

Saw Pat at the start arriving very early for the half but not at the finish as I had to dash off.

PS Why do people in Suffolk drive SOOOOOO FAST???

Re: St Edmunds Marathon

well done, sounds like one to do!

Re: St Edmunds Marathon

Speeding? That's probably because they were trying to get a parking spot close to the start Joe! I obviously didn't as I had to walk about the same to the start as well. Only thing I would add to your report is that it was really breezy all the way round (must have been the same breeze that Monica experienced :) ).
I did run in with a few Marathon finishers at the end but you must have been well ahead as I can't remember you going past me!?
I did the half as I was going to do the full but I had been ill again for the week leading up to this. As usual I made the wrong choice (and should have done the 10k) as I started well going through the first 5k in around 34 then halfway in about 1:10ish (these may be in the published results - there were quite a lot of timing mats - but I can't find them as yet) but (yet again) I lost it in the second half finally finishing in around 2:58:20 - by my unofficial watch.
Hopefully back for the full next year!

Re: St Edmunds Marathon

Well done Jo and Pat. Is this a new one?

Jo , I met a lady called April on Saturday who knew you - she did the 10 and 10 at Great Barrow and said you overtook her every day!