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New member - England Athletics Number

Hi. I signed Eva McCabe up to NHRR, she wil be running this Tuesday. How soon will she get an England Athletics number? I need it to put on a cross country event form.



Re: New member - England Athletics Number

Hi Declan and Eva and welcome!

I'm not sure about the answer to your question - our membership secretary may be able to help you with this and they can be contacted via the link on the "meet the committee" page on the website.

However, if Eva has joined the club and wants to enter a cross country race as a NHRR member, she may need a club vest to race in. She can do this via the kit page on the website, or she can come and have a chat with me on Tuesday evening and I arrange for her to purchase a vest.

When is her race / what one is it?

See you Tuesday


Re: New member - England Athletics Number

Eva came in the top 12 of the Herts XC race at Watford on 7th Jan. She was given a form to indicate her availability to run for Herts at Loughborough in March. She not get selected, but you never know :)

Re: New member - England Athletics Number

well done Eva! Great result.

If she does run for Hertfordshire, then she will be given a Herts vest to race in by the Herts AAA representative.

fingers crossed she gets in the team!

Re: New member - England Athletics Number

hi Declan

I got your email. She'll have an EAN by tonight as longs there re no issues from an EA perspective. Look out for my email to the address you put on the form
With kind regards
Membership Secretary