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Mud week league

Mid week league can anyone give me some information on this please how it works what you do distance etc etc thanks

Re: Mid week league

Hi can someone give me some information on the mid week league how it works what you do distance etc etc thankyou

Re: Mid week league

Hi Hayley, it works in a similar way to the cross country league. Not sure if you picked up on how that worked?

Basically we have a representative to the league, it’s Ellie Scott ( assuming she is continuing on ) She will give us the details on the events. She will register every member of the club before the first race. It is critical to do your membership quite promptly as the renewal is around this time too. Once you are a NHRR member, you will have a Mid Week league number. You collect this from Ellie and keep hold of it for the whole series. Every race, all 4 races and the last one too, which is the MOB match. This doesn’t count towards the league, but is a single stand alone race we have just before the awards ceremony. It’s basically the awards ceremony, but we have a race before it.

The distances tend to be more consistent in the Midweek league over the cross country. They are usually 10km races. But a couple are might be slightly shorter. The terrain is normally roads too, although there maybe some trail, but in the summer it’s never too bad.

The first race is at St Albans in May 24th and it is the same course as their club 10km race that they organise in the summer.

They tend to be every 2 weeks or so, through June into July.

They are in the week, hence the name of the league. So rather than being on a Sunday morning like XC, these tend to be on a Thursday. Last year we were in division 2, but we got promoted into division 1 for this coming year, as we won division 2! Div 2/3 tend to be Wednesday races and div 1 are Thursday races.

Div 1 has some really quick runners in it, but there is plenty of range. Mixed ability. Everybody is welcome. Take a look at last years results RunHerts Midweek league results

The scoring is similar to XC too, only there are 12 men and 8 ladies to score. Everybody else helps the team by pushing other clubs scores up. Everybody helps by creating a great team spirit and excitement to the race. The more the merrier!

Similar to XC, we will host a race too.

So they are at 7:45 on Thursday.

Hope this helps?

Re: Mid week league

Just seen on MWL Facebook page that first Division 1 race will be hosted by Orion Harriers on May 10th, so St Albans will be 2nd race. Orion will prob be furthest away as we go to Chingford for that one I think - nice course with a mix of on and off road and a mahoosive hill in the middle!

Re: Mid week league

While I think of this with still plenty of time to go, what is a reasonable time limit for these 10 ks? I know this is supposedly all club runners, but is, for example, 1h 30 min Ok? (I would hope to be faster, but we’ve all known it to be e.g. baking hot, and being after work and all....). With everybody being volunteers I wouldn’t want to be slower than would be expected.

Re: Mid week league

This is a very god question Claire and thankyou for the replys I also fear I'm not quick enough yet to earn a place I want to start getting involved in the leagues but not if I'm not fast enough.

Re: Mid week league

Two years ago when the now Yellow Group were at the same point as you post-C25K, several members of he group did some of the MWL races. If you are up to running 10K then give it a go - BUT some of the courses are MUCH harder than others.

The St Albans race is a flat course but may come too early - it did for some of my group, others did it as their first ever 10K race. On the MWL Facebook page, "St. Albans Striders will be hosting the division 1 opener on Thursday 24th May."

The Orion course at Chingford has a BIG hill and I got a lot of stick for saying it was "undulating" to be told it was b***** hilly. So NOT recommended !!

If you need time to work on your 10K, then set your sights of the Mob Match at the end of the series.

Monica has run MWL and I'm sure she will be able to advise you.


Re: Mid week league

Thankyou Brian that's very useful I think it's just about having the confidence and not constantly thinking you aren't good enough I can certainly run a 10k and with practice between now and then get my time down I'm currently half marathon training but my aim after it is to run atleast 10k every Sunday it would be good to have a heads up which ones are particularly tough and may be best avoided if not fully ready I would like to push myself by joining in the leagues this year.... I can do it 😀

Re: Mid week league

At the moment running a flattish 10 k for me is about 1:30 h, but it all depends on being injury free. There’s still a few months to go.

Re: Mid week league

Very sage advice from Brian there, as always! Certainly aiming to do the Mob Match would be a good target for anyone who isn't feeling confident about running the main MWL races. The Mob Match route (assuming it's still in WGC) is not a particularly hard one, is all on road and is usually quite quick - there is less pressure to 'race' other clubs there either as it doesn't count for the main scoring competition. It usually takes place in July, so also gives plenty of training time if you're working up to 10K or you just want to get a bit faster/fitter before you take part in a league race! :smiley:

Re: Mid week league

Really great that there's interest in running MWL, it's one of the highlights of my running year. Races don't start until 7:45pm and there should be some consideration to clubs organising and marshalling courses in the league where the time of day and failing light after 9pm are a real issue (both for runners and marshals) This is especially so with the earlier races in the season.

Re: Mid week league

HI Martyn, yes exactly. A few mins over the hour would probably be the very best I could hope for, so it that’s long way from guaranteeing an 1:15 for a 9 pm finish. We’ll see though 😀.

Re: Mud week league

Been doing these for a while now Clare and getting slower and slower as the time goes on. A few minutes over the hour and you will be well ahead of me so I don't think you have anything to worry about! (Except me trying to catch you that is :) )

Re: Mud week league

If you can do a 10k then join in. When I first started doing the MWL I didn't even think about time I just thought about being part of the team and getting some experience of different courses and venues. Not infrequently I have had the 'Micky' taken out of me for having a gel at the ready for when I get to about 7K to get me to the end :wink: it took me a couple of years to get below 1hr 15 mins and I do believe I may have brought up the rear in the early days but then someone has to haha! The more squirrels the merrier is what I say so look forward to see you at all of them if you can make it. We do car shares for these so you get plenty of support on the way there and you can sleep in the car on the way back(unless it's your turn to drive of cours). Keep up the brilliant running. :smiley: