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National XC results

Senior Women

432 Sarah Mitcherson 39:35
608 Paula Adams 42:09
1079 Lindsay Cook 58:08
1095 Jane Tyler 1:01:18

Senior Men

239 Andrew Leech 45:57
323 Adam Bowller 46:55
475 Darren Sunter 48:44
792 Mark Vaughan 51:54
2153 John Spinks 1:10:30

Ladies finished 101st team, not enough men turned out to form a scoring team. Big thanks to Sue for supplying tea, coffee & of course cake!

Lots of support out on course which was a great help

Re: National XC results

Wow what an experience, loved it times, at others wondered what on earth i was doing. The start is like nothing I've experienced, big wide start with 2500runners charging up a hill that narrows, you have to go hard or you'll lose so much ground. As people slow up the hill & the course narrows it gets very fiesty, pushing, jockeying for position & elbows fly. You then get carried round the first 2 corners at whichever line the swarm around you is moving, it's really not your choice. Shorter first lap at the end of which the race settled down, brutal, sapping mud in places & you wonder why your putting yourself through it. I took comfort from the fact i felt strong on firmer & flatter ground. I don't think anyone enjoys lap 3, lungs & legs are burning, it's important to remember that those around you feel the same. The finish is great, a long downhill, go early & keep going, you can lose alot of places if you don't.

Now I've never been someone who has a big kick at the end, according to strava you lose 111ft of elevation in the last 0.3 miles & i covered that at 4:40 mile pace. During that effort i lost ground on those around me & overtook just one fella who must have lost at least 10 places in the final 100m. In truth the descent to the finish is longer than that, a strava segment exists saying 0.7 miles.

Ended the day in 323rd position, i think i ran well, it's so hard to say. You have no time to compare it to as you would on the road & in a local league you get to know those faces around you. In this it's fellas from all over the country you've never seen before or will again.

Re: National XC results

Agreed....fantastic downhills where you can let rip with elbows out and overtake loads of people, almost suicidal at the end like a black run on a ski slope...straight down! Unfortunately for me I don't have the fitness or strength for the massive uphills at the moment. Great day out and wouldn't want to miss it.
Even saw a guy with bleeding spike marks - in the back of his head! As you said....brutal!

Re: National XC results

Some great results by NHRR...especially our ladies team!

Running at Parliament Hill is amazing, especially the Nationals. I read a report somewhere saying there were far more entries this year than the last time the National was here (2015) which is amazing!

I loved it, even the hills and the mud although if you look at the photos I don't look like I was enjoying it! The only downside was that due to the course design and the fact the men's race was only 40 minutes after the race I ended up running a couple of stretches alongside the men's race. The first bit was really quite scary, there were men, arms and legs everywhere (I have a new found respect for the guys, it must be so hard to keep your footing when you can't really see your feet), I was elbowed and pushed a few times. The second time we joined the men's race it was a bit further down the field which was a bit less stressful, lots of men ran past and cheered me on which was nice.

Have a look at this video on youtube