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Training Tuesday 24th & Thrsday 26th April

This Tuesday we are meeting at Jackie's Drop-In, not at The Spirella. Parking is available on the road outside and nearby town car parks.

On Tuesday there will be a choice of sessions with one option being 1/2 the distance you ran in the Balke test x 4 at Highfield track. You can either run to the track from Jackie's Drop-In or drive, park in the car park and warm up with a couple of laps in the outside lane of the track. This is open to anyone in the club.

On the schedule for blue and green group was a 10 x 2mins fartlek with 60s easier running between each effort whilst yellows were supposed to have a fartlek on the Greenway to the Grange but I have emailed Brian to see if he wishes to change this. Purple group session is 10 x 400m at St Francis.

On Thursday if you running the BMAF Relays on Saturday or our Run of the Month Flitwick 10km on Sunday you will want an easy run with strides. However, as some members have to work weekends or may have other commitments we will put on sessions. Yellow group are scheduled for a lavender fields trot but as you did this last Thursday Brian may decide to change the route. Purple group will have 4-6 x Norton Common hills whilst blues' and greens' session will be 8-10 x 600m from Grange Rd roundabout. If the rain holds off we may try to move this off road.

Due to the Flitwick 10km, BMAF Relays and Karen being on weekend 3 of her soft tissue therapy course there will not be a coached track session on Saturday at Ridlins.