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(IM)Press Report


I shall be fulfilling the Press Report duties this week. Hammering away at the keyboard with an overflowing coffee cup and bottomless ashtray until the early hours like any true Fleet Street Journalist.

Give me guts, give me glory. Give me it all. Especially photos. If you would rather email then send it through to me on

Good luck this weekend with all your endeavours!


Re: (IM)Press Report

Ashtray???? :scream: lolol!!

Re: (IM)Press Report

Deadline is looming.


Re: (IM)Press Report

A day of personal achievement for me as I finally completed my first 10k. When on Wednesday I came down with a cold I thought I'd been let off but googling "can I run with a cold?" told me that it wasn't a valid excuse. The joy of wearing your NHRR top means that you are easily identified by others from the club so it was lovely to meet up with Lucy and Brian.  Team NHRR photo taken and we were off. Lovely to be cheered over the finish line 1:20 later. I took part with my husband Viv and son George and we were able to raise some funds for Addenbrookes Charitable Trust as a thank you for the excellent cancer treatment and care Viv received 2 years ago. For those of you who know George as he runs with us sometimes in his university holidays he came in 8th.

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Hi David

I ran the Riga marathon today in 2:59:00.

Had a few beers now so the spelling might be poor and I’ve left my glasses in the room too 🙈

Really enjoyable course. Felt good until 20 miles but had mental wobble on 16 so had to have a word with myself. Darren Sunter’s messages in the week really helped me believe in myself so I just continued to push.

Felt ok and pushed on but got to 23 miles and a tight turn led to the calf’s cramping up. Went high knes’s to shake it off then continued but 24 miles on was a graft. Had Dan Martin cheering me on and just started consistent then hit the cobbles at 41k and dug in until the finish.

Really emotional over the finish line due to my beloved Nan passing on Tuesday. Some good club mates made me channel that inner strength with their messages this week and it kept me strong. Anyway . I’m rambling now.

Proud to represent NHRR today and the support of some absolute diamonds got me over the line today.

Wore the squirrels vest with pride today

Much love


Ps: love the post Dave

Re: (IM)Press Report

Congratulations, Stewart. Delighted to hear about your success. John A has sent in a great photo of you for the press report.

And A big well done to Lindsey on her first 10k!

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Myself and Monica ran the Colchester stampede. This was a 10k run that started and finished in Colchester zoo. We started next to the elephants 🐘. And those that know me know I love elephants so made my day.

Really enjoyable day and would recommend it.

Jo kenlin

Re: (IM)Press Report

First of all congratulations to Stewart.

I ran the Simplyhealth Great Manchester Half Marathon this morning. I finished in 01:21:43, in I believe 23rd place. Certainly not as fast as I had wanted, but while not being London Marathon temperatures it was still on the warm side of comfortable. This afternoon was very pleasant watching Tirunesh Dibaba, Mo Farah and (most importantly) my youngest, Will Noble, complete the 10k. I did feel quite sorry for some of the slower 10k finishers, as it was actually uncomfortably hot standing at the 200m to go point with a pint in hand - it's a hard life.

Re: (IM)Press Report

Following on from Lindsey's post, I did the Wimpole Hoohah in 1:07, which is the fastest time I've managed there in three attempts, and I think Lucy O'C came in around 52mins. It's certainly a challenging course, being a hilly off-roader and the last mile over an energy sapping grass surface - only three runners came in under 40mins.

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Bedford Triathlon - V55 winner
I ventured over to Bedford this morning for the First of the Bedford Sprint Triathlon series.

Not only did I beat my time of 4 years ago by 3 minutes, I was first V55+ I finished in 1:32:27.
400m Swim - 9:11
24k Bike - 54:29
5k run - 26:05

Result, well pleased!!

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I ran the Virgin Sport Hackney half marathon today (Sunday) – my 5th MH and achieved a new PB of 1.49. Very happy with that considering the heat and therefore thinking I was ‘taking it easy’! I kept a look out for any fellow squirrels, but didn’t spot any amongst the 20,000 runners unfortunately – if anyone else was there, well done! I have pictures I can email.

Re: (IM)Press Report

Sorry for your loss Stewart and I’m super happy you achieved what you set out to do.

Thank you all for the great information and great results! Great to see the NHRR vests represented all over the country and abroad again. Any photos that don’t get put up I may send on to the Flickr group unless there are any objections. Wouldn’t want to be in breach of the GDPR which has been the bane of my life.......

Well done all!

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Firstly WELL DONE STEWART! You've worked hard for that and it is well deserved. Enjoy the beer!

Me - Leaden Boot (see other post). Tough Derbysire off roader. Pleased to finish 5.52 which is nearly twice as long as Stewart but I bet it was more fun(?) and better catered!

Re: (IM)Press Report

Michelle and I have just finished the Red Deer Trail Marathon in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

Definitely does not fit in with Jo's rule of not travelling for longer than it takes to run the marathon (though we do have more options as it does take us longer!) 13 hours of flying and a 1.5 hour car journey yesterday led us to our first marathon of the week

A great run, on a lovely 26.2 mile route in the parks of Red Deer city, in crazily warm weather, with excellent fellow runners, and the most amazing volunteers (not least because Andy joked about a cold beer at 27km and they handed Andy a Mimosa).

After the finish line there happened to be a tent full of doughnuts, muffins, cookies (and some fruit for those in need) to replenish the stocks - what more could you want?

Off to find an ice cream now before hitting the pool and jacuzzi :grinning:


Michelle - 4:48:07
Andy - 5:29:12

Re: (IM)Press Report

Hi David,

I dug out my swimmers, bike and running shoes Sunday morning for the Bedford Sprint Triathlon 2018 race 1. It is a regular on my events calendar, this being my tenth time! And thanks to my huge running improvements since joining NHRR I got a PB by over 5 minutes. My total was 1:30:18 and my split times:

Swim 11:17 (PB in a tri by around 30s)
Bike 51:42 (PB for the A6 route by over 2 minutes)
Run 24:43 (PB in a tri by over 2 minutes)
Plus a couple of speedy transitions.

As the race is highly competitive in my age category, this did not win me any awards, but I am very happy with the result!

Well done to Rachel for winning her age category in this event! Great result!