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Baslow Boot Bash

Derbyshire again - starting in the Deer Park surrounding Chatsworth House. This one differs in that entrants are given the grid references of the checkpoints and how they get from one to another is up to them. The shortest route is 26 miles but the popular route (minimal road), which I was doing for the 4th time, comes out at 27.75 miles.

I'd had a stressful week so arriving at the start and being given a birthday card by the organisers was well received and cheered me up no end! Then I looked around and realised none of my usual running buddies were there and I was going to have to run it alone :white_frowning_face: Actually that didn't matter as I wasn't feeling particularly chatty so set off with everyone else and quickly settled into running at a steady pace and walking up the hills when I wanted to. This one is far too pretty to be worrying about time. Lots of people overtook me and then as we got past half way I started clawing them all back again. Felt comfortable all the way, ran bits I haven't managed to run before, only 2 tiny errors of course, very pleased to finish in 5.09 which is a course PB and 8th of 150 (although I think that includes the 26 mile walkers) which is my highest finishing position.

Pie and peas at the finish... Recommended - if you can read a map...

Re: Baslow Boot Bash

Just love the names of your races Jo:) Congratulations on your PB time and position but definitely not for me given that recently I could not find the correct path in Ampthill Park!