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SORE League

Thank you for posting on the SORE League.

You all know about stretching and strengthening exercises with Pilates and Yoga and also about keeping hydrated, but do you ever give your poor old feet a second thought after you have put them through some tough mileage? :flushed: Maybe not! So here are just a few tips on keeping your feet happy!

One – the obvious is the right running shoes. They will be different for everyone, but keep in mind when you are heading out for some long runs that your feet will spread and maybe swell in the heat, so your shoes should have enough room in the toe box area to allow for that.

Two – the right running socks. Tight fitting socks in the toe area can play havoc with your toes and cause blisters. There are loads of different running socks out there – make sure you find the ones that suit your feet and not someone else's!

Three – soften the skin on your feet as often as possible to keep them supple. Use Vaseline or something similar to put around your toes before going for a long run. It really does help.

Fourth – put your feet in a bucket of cold water after a long run – your feet will really appreciate it! I did see a male runner last Saturday after finishing the marathon dipping his whole head in a tank of cold water - so maybe it works for the other end of the body as well! :smirk:

Feel free to add your tips! Have a great week of running. :runner:

You can access the latest SORE League by clicking here: Latest SORE League

Points are awarded for every run of 10 miles or more as follows:

10 up to 13 miles: 0.5 point
13 up to 16 miles: 1 point
16 up to 20 miles: 1.5 points
20 up to 26 miles: 2 points
26 up to 30 miles: 3 points
30 miles and over: 4 points

Maximum points score for a single run is 4.
Providing home-made cake after a social run or other valuable services to running: 0.5 point

Re: SORE League

Forgot to add in heading that this is week Week 30. 😀

Re: SORE League

13 miles today, incorporating the big hill into Preston - and then enjoying the downhill on the other side!

Re: SORE League

16 miles today along the south coast for me today

Re: SORE League

Hi Sue, I started the Summer holidays with 13 miles round the Greenway this morning seeing lots of Squirrels on route!

Re: SORE League

10 miles early on today!

Re: SORE League

13.1 miles for me today along a section of the Greensands Ridge

Re: SORE League

Delighted to have crawled my way back to double figures for the first time in over 3 months!
10 miles - Baldock - Graveley!

Re: SORE League

Hi Sue

14.5 miles yesterday around the Greenway and Lavender fields with Ed, Tom and Ollie.

Many thanks


Re: SORE League

10 hot miles yesterday mainly on the Greenway.

Re: SORE League


I forgot to post last Sunday - 10 Miles around the woods outside Bonn in Germany.

Thanks for the tips. Will try Vaseline on my feet before big run tomorrow!