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Training Tues 13th, Thurs 15th & Sat 17th Nov

Tuesday’s session for green group is 7 x Haymoor hills with 90s recovery, yellows have a ladder of 2 x 5/4/3/2 mins with 60s recovery out and 2 mins back, purples have 8-10 x 400m at St Francis with 90s recovery whilst blues have 6x 1M at St Paul’s (90s). After training there is food and a talk at our house. Please see separate post for details.

On Thursday we will all have a 5km know yourself, listen to your body 5km where you will be asked to run without a watch or anything tracking pace or time. You will say how fast you are going to run and then aim to be as close to that as possible:). You could of course run with a friend of a different speed. This is part of our well being activities:). I will be timekeeper.

On Saturday I am again in London on my course (don’t forget free massage still available) so Pete will be coaching at the track. Please post below if you are coming.
Happy running with NHRR:)

Re: Training Tues 13th, Thurs 15th & Sat 17th Nov

Thanks Karen for last night's watch free session, was a good thing to try.

Usually I think that I don't tend to look at distance or pace very often when I am running but I do like to know how long I have been running for so I know how long I have left to run (probably as I spend a lot of my day clock watching and fitting stuff into small periods of time).

Next time I might keep my watch in my pocket so I can spend hours over analysing each part of the run on Strava when I get home ;-)

Re: Training Tues 13th, Thurs 15th & Sat 17th Nov

I’ll be at the track on Saturday :+1: