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England Masters Half Marathon Age Group representation opportunity

England Athletics are providing a further opportunity for Masters to earn selection for an England age group team, this time over half marathon. Further details are below. Please let me know if you decide to give this a try. Nothing ventured .... :) Happy to provide training advice if this is helpful.

The qualifying races take place between March and June 2019 and include:
Sunday 17 March: Asics Fleet Half Marathon
Sunday 19 May: Britain’s Ocean City Half-Marathon, Plymouth
Sunday 2 June: Asda Foundation Hull Half-Marathon

The Half-Marathon representative opportunity will be incorporated within the Maidenhead Half-Marathon on Sunday 1 September, 2019 providing age group runners high quality competition and a representatives start, immediately behind the elite runners. Please note runners who are selected to represent England at Maidenhead will be required to pay their own entry fees and travel to the race. Specially designed retro style England Age Group Masters kit will be available to purchase for the selected team members.

Age Group Masters Half Marathon minimum standards are shown below; these have been determined by a combination of runbritain and the WAVA age gradings.

V35: 77:30 (men), 89:00 (women)

V40: 79:00 (men), 90:30 (women)

V45: 82:30 (men), 94:30 (women)

V50: 85:30 (men), 1.40:00 (women)

V55: 90:00 (men), 1.45:00 (women)

V60: 95:00 (men), 1.54:00 (women)

V65: 1.43:00 (men), 2.10:00 (women)

V70: 2.00:00 (men), 2.30:00 (women)

V75: 2.30:00 (men)

To gain selection for the England Age Group Masters Team runners will be required to meet the following criteria:

Finish in the top 4 of the eligible runners in their age category within one of the qualifying races. * Please note, you must qualify via your correct age group on the day. However, if you are successful in qualifying and have a birthday between the qualifier and the representative race then you will compete in your new age group on 1st September.
Have achieved a minimum qualifying standard either on the day of the qualifying race or within the previous 12 months
Be available to compete at Maidenhead on 1st September.

Be aged 35 years or above on the day of the qualifying race.
Be a member of an England Athletics affiliated club and have eligibility to run for England in the year of competition.
Be a ‘registered athlete’ under the UKA rules for competition. Click here for details on athlete registration.
Have pre-registered your interest in selection using the England Athletics link below.
*Please note this is not the same as ‘athlete registration’.

Re: England Masters Half Marathon Age Group representation opportunity

Would have had a look at this however I am away on 1st September.

Re: England Masters Half Marathon Age Group representation opportunity

Very tempted to have a go at qualifying at fleet

Re: England Masters Half Marathon Age Group representation opportunity

Fleet half looks a good run 👍🏻

Re: England Masters Half Marathon Age Group representation opportunity

Definitely interested!