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Three Counties XC Results - Event 2 - Wellingbrough

Results are available here

Great job everybody, both men and women are in similar state of 2nd place overall and we have extended our team lead!

We can still win the men and women competitions. #BELIEVE #TeamNHRR

Looking forward to our home fixture next!

Event 2 scores

Men :runner:

1. Ampthill 107
2. Rugby 166
3. NHRR 173 :raised_hands:
4. Wellingborough 341
5. Bedford 494

Women :dancer:

1. Biggleswade / Wellingborough 36
3. NHRR 173 :raised_hands:
4. Bedford 74
5. Ampthill 82

Team :couple:
1. NHRR 689 :raised_hands:
2. Ampthill 778
3. Wellingborough 802
4. Rugby 1040
5. Bedford 1165

Overall league points after 2 events

Men :runner:

1. Ampthill 26
2. NHRR 23 :raised_hands:
3. Rugby 20
4. Wellingborough 20
5. Bedford 20

Women :dancer:

1. Wellingborough 26
2. NHRR 23 :raised_hands:
3. Biggleswade 22
4. Bedford 21
5. Ampthill 20

Team :couple:
1. NHRR 26 :raised_hands:
2. Ampthill 24
3. Wellingborough 22
4. Bedford 19
5. Rugby 18

Re: Three Counties XC Results - Event 2 - Wellingbrough

Well done everyone, great team effort from everybody who ran and supported, the team spirit was quality as always. When I was Walking to the start I thought this course doesn’t look too tough and the brook crossing didn’t seem to be that challenging...... boy was I wrong 🤣, It definitely cleared my fuzzy head from the night before 🍷.

Great support at the brook by Dickie + Katie. Also great support from Michelle G and Ernie scoring. Could hear lots of support around the course by NHRR runners which was brilliant. Sorry I couldn’t stay long afterwards as I had told Sam I was only popping out for some milk and a paper 🙈.

I think this is my favourite XC course that I’ve done so far, the crossing was great fun. 💦💦💦

Re: Three Counties XC Results - Event 2 - Wellingbrough

Well said Darren - I always forget just how relentlessly undulating and tough this course is as I'm usually worrying about the water crossing! Thanks for the help exiting it the first time, Dickie - it was much appreciated! And to Katie for pointing me the right way! #directionally challenged :flushed:
Very relieved that my dodgy knee held up.

And Darren - what explanation did you offer Sam for your prolonged absence on such a simple errand? I think we should be told .....:joy:

Re: Three Counties XC Results - Event 2 - Wellingbrough

I said sorry I’m late but I had to stop to get you these lovely flowers..... works every time 🤣