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2018 in review

Just like last year, I thought I would start a thread where we can summarise our running year. The rules are simple:
Write here what your highlights were from 2018, using a maximum of 150 words!
Them's the rules.

I'll start:

I've had. Avery mixed year, with a couple of PBs (at 5k and 10k) and some really great runs but some long injury periods.

I love date midweek league, I ran the Greensands Ridge Relay as part of a great Squirrel team (where My Harbon managed t get himself lost) and 6 months, almost to the day after my last club run the Stevenage Midweek League race, which caused my latest injury, I finally ran again with with about 30 Squirrels at the Mulligatawny Run, which offers the best views around here. I have done a bit of cycling. I only ran about 700 miles )which is 500 less than my goal, and I ran in 13 races, 1 more than my goal.

So all in all another thoroughly enjoyable year with you bunch of mad runners. Proud to be a part of this awesome club!

Re: 2018 in review

Omg what a year I reached my 500 miles for the a 3 race series I knocked off about 7 minutes.... I am 45 seconds away from my sub 30 5k I have lost 5 stone in weight since January 2017 mostly from last 6 months....i tried the mwl loved it hated it...I tried our XC I loved it did a great time I've had a great year looking foward to 2019

Re: 2018 in review

Tale of two half’s for me. :grinning: :tired_face:

I was undoubtedly in the best shape of my life in April. I easily got PBs at 5km, 10km and HM in full training weeks. With some fantastic training partners, I trained my hardest through a brutal winter but then clashed heads with the hottest London Marathon ever. :scream: :sunny: :sweat_drops:

Too stubborn to ease off, I went for it - this was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I learnt a lot about myself that day. I can still remember the conversations I had with myself. I wanted to give up at 10miles, I was done - but I carried on. At 14 miles I saw the NHRR fans and my family and instantly burst into tears. I realised I couldn’t give in. People had come out to see me and I ran my heart out! I gave it everything I had! Missed my target, but a PB non the less. The finish line was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. Gutted I missed out on the championship time as I know I had the legs and the heart to achieve it. It was just too hot.

Sadly after London I started back too early and injured my knee, which I’m nursing to this day... fitness dropping every week... it was a stupid mistake that is obvious now. I can’t train how I want, and now I’m sadly missing what I loved to do - represent NHRR to the best of my ability. What hurts the most is not being able to score for the team in the cross country, but I’m doing my best to help us anyway. The support team is just as important! I had it easy, and now I’m experiencing the hard. But I’ll be back!

I also did my first triathlon and my first aqathon this year, which I’m quite proud of. I learnt I’m no cyclist, but I can sort of swim using brute force over technique. Having not swam since college, I got into the pool this year and quite enjoyed it. I actually spend more time swimming than running most weeks now.

(Sorry Phil - I don’t have word count, but thanks for setting up the memories :+1: )


Re: 2018 in review

As usual we have had a fantastic year with our friends at NHRR.

We have been really surprised and happy to see Rich coach the green group and enjoy it as much as he is. Not being able to run like he used to but still involved in the club is marv!

I personally have had an up and down year with my running. Started really well with my main aim to compete at the Euro Champs in Ibiza in October and on track to podium it was an exciting time, but due to Glandular fever had to stop all exercise for a good few weeks. However having started back recently I know that I am stronger than I was before and am now enjoying it and look forward to racing again next year.

I am also enjoying marshaling the X Countries and am not jealous of you lot on those hard courses :wink:

Happy Running and thank you all for your support :grinning:

Jo here - I have had a relaxed and happy year running. Enjoyed running with friends, loving the Midweek league and doing the cross country races as usual. realised how yoga really helps with my running now i am a bit older and hope to run a bit faster next year, no really I do!! The round Norfolk Relay was our best year yet and the enthusiasm and team work was truly awesome. So funny and such a great achievement. Greensand Ridge relay brings back memories of lovely weather and the Mulligatawny is, as ever, a fabulous event. All in all, a great year with lovely people.

Helen here too! This year Matt and I bought a house in Baldock in February and with this caused my runs to change course! Exploring Baldock's beautiful Weston woods and surrounding countryside has been great! My running to be completely honest has always been a bit hit and miss but i always love joining in with the MWL, cross country and always the adventurous Greensand Ridge Relay and Round Norfolk Relay! All of which has been amazing and i love spending time with everyone from the NHRR family!
This year has also been a milestone (confidence wise) as i put myself up for Social Sec! I have loved it even though its been quite stressful! I couldn't have done it without my awesome social team! Seeing everyone's faces at the Christmas do and hearing all the positive remarks made me feel very proud of our achievements! Cant wait for the 2019 adventures already! xx

Re: 2018 in review

Word count - out the window!

Re: 2018 in review

Thanks Phil for doing this, it is good to reflect!

I have really enjoyed 2018 and have rediscovered my love of running after a few up and down years...but I did this by diversifying and doing more swimming, cycling and triathlons which I have loved! I have also found out how important strength work is, especially core strength and absolutely love my regular pilates which is making a huge difference to my running.

My personal highlights this year were the Windsor Triathlon, completing the London Classics and the night leg at Round Norfolk Relay(a truly unique experience)!

Re: 2018 in review

Okay so the word count thing isn't working . . . but keep them coming. It's great to read these.


Re: 2018 in review

Started 2018 in the best of form - on course for a London PB. Pushed too hard at the Beast & marathon hopes were dashed. With the heat of the day, I really had dodged a bullet! The only reason I started running was to raise money for GOSH and do the ‘big charity races’. Having only joined NHRR Autumn 2017, this year I learnt so much about recovering from injury & rested well enough to experience the joy of ‘other’ races, local races, mid week league & loved being part of relay teams – Fairlands 3K, St Albans Stampede & RNR. Having gone through childhood as ‘solid B team player’ I was elated at 39 to win my first ever County Medals & prize money! Representing NHRR at Standalone with every marshall cheering me on to a huge PB was a dream come true! A car crash has written off the last few months but I was determined to ‘bling up’ & make it to Willian & ‘Elfie Up’ to Mulligatawny. Throughout a year that has personally been pretty tough, it is running & the support that has kept my head above water... (not quite 150! Sorry!)

Re: 2018 in review

You’ll be even stronger in 2019 Paula.

A really happy running year for me. Ran sub 20 5k (19:16) and a new 10k PB of 41:15 thanks to the excellent coaching. Ran my first marathon in 3:46 and thoroughly enjoyed MWL and XC.

Looking forward to an even faster, stronger 2019 🤞!!

Thanks all.

Re: 2018 in review

Joined NHRR!

Logged PBs at 5k and 10k and put in more miles than ever before..... Despite recurring calf issues that won't seem to completely go away.

Onto next year!

Re: 2018 in review

2018 began with the odd run here and there being a busy working mum not having much time to get out..until I was lucky enough to get a London marathon ballot place in October..this kick started my running again.i had forgotten how good it felt to be out.After joining the club and making some lovely new friends my running and fitness has improved just 3 months I have achieved a sub 30m pb on my 5k time and have managed to run 10miles without stopping....something I thought I couldn't do after having almost a 2 year break from being a keen runner.
I am looking forward to taking on the marathon in 2019 and lots of other challenges, training hard and working on thoes pb's

Re: 2018 in review

Great thread Phil, I’ve enjoyed reading people’s reviews so far.

Highlight for myself this year has to be the Midweek league, it’s always been my favourite time of year. Was hoping we could stay in division one and not only did we do that but we came runners up 🥈.... I really enjoyed the team spirit of the whole club, we must of turned out over 50 runners each race. I can remember turning up to St Albans and there was only John Auld and myself thinking not much of a turn out tonight then suddenly wave after wave of squirrels turned up and their must of been easily over 50% of the club members running that night. I did a Parkrun in London a few weeks after and got chatting to Adam Baker from Orion harriers, he asked what club I ran for and when I said NHRR his reply was before this year I’d never even heard of NHRR where have you guys come from, I keep seeing you squirrels everywhere and what a good club we was, I felt proud to be a NHRR member that day 😃. I hope we can all come together as a club next summer and have a go at winning div 1 as i believe we have the potential. This is definitely the best sporting club I’ve been apart of and it’s all due to the members and everyone who works so very hard behind the scenes. I always believe that by using the 3 D’s(dedication,desire,discipline) moto your always going to improve and NHRR has this in abundance.

I could go on forever however I’m sure I’m over 150 words 🤦🏼‍♂️. So 2019 for me??? I must be better at that 3rd D 🤣

Re: 2018 in review

It's been an interesting year for me...

I ran my first marathon (Boston, no, not THAT one) in April, having started on the couch to 5K with NHRR two and a half years earlier. Training was BRUTAL and would never have made it without my fellow squirrels. Those of you who joined me on that second lap of Grafham Water in the slush and snow in early March will never forget that run! Along the way I took in a couple of HMs including the Baldock Beast. How cold was that day?! MK marathon relay was good fun and highly recommended. I managed a grand total of one MWL this year (St Albans), a few FSOTM, and a final flourish with a 10K at Grafham Water. I was delighted to get to the finish under an hour given how I haven't been able to train much since the marathon.

Made some brilliant friends at the club. Truly think that when you run with someone regularly you make a real bond with them. Grateful to all of you. Helped me turn my life around in ways you could never imagine. My only regret of the year is that I am no longer able to train with all as often as I used to and I really miss the weekend social runs.

Goal for next year to to keep on going! Have a fabulous 2019 everyone.

Re: 2018 in review

Similar to last year just as enjoyable. I turn up most weeks and put in a shift in one of the sessions and have really enjoyed the coaching this year. If I am not aching the next morning I don't feel as if I've tried hard enough. I usually am aching.

Not done too many races this year. Baldock Beast was absolutely freezing but somehow enjoyable (Ok maybe not the first few hilly miles in a freezing headwind). I was pleased with my time that day. By complete contrast the Hitchin Hard half marathon was a scorching day that just getting round in a semi respectable time became the goal which I did. Beers and a thumping England win in world cup after also made that a great day.

I think I did all the Mid Week League races and loved them, the support of team mates, being part of a team, the atmosphere. Mid week league races on a hot summers night is my happy running time. I find keeping going through the winter more of a slog probably partially explaining my reluctance to do cross country.

Up to 88 parkruns now so will hit the big 100 some time in first half of 2019.

As I recently changed age group my body seems to have realised and at the moment I am some way off the PB'S I was getting a couple of years ago. I'm still plodding out the miles every week going past 1000 yesterday.

An enjoyable year again running with NHRR. Happy New Year All.

Re: 2018 in review

2018 started off with some serious intentions: run a decent marathon and do some specific training for shorter distances which i think I've only done twice in 8 years and for very short periods of time in preparation for some half marathons where PB was achievable. So the first 3 months saw me piling up miles and miles under snow and wind to run a marathon in early april (completed in 3:35, slower than I hoped and trained for but since I was coming from a 3-4 months break due to an injury it was welcome anyway) and then I started training for half marathons. Killer interval training sessions and progressive runs became my bread and butter and resulted in a nice 1:32 at Peterborough in October, intermingled with other 6 half marathons (4 under 1:35, not so bad after all) and a 42' sharp at a 10k in Luton in October. My main remorse? Not having been able to run a single MWL race :(

Now I've started marathon training for Brighton and London next april, hoping to get under 3:30 once more after 4 years, with my eyes already looking forward to the Berlin Marathon in September...

Re: 2018 in review

Great idea Phil. Sorry I broke the word count! 2018 was my first serious year of running ever. I have run for many years and even did a very slow marathon many years ago. Until last year I ran just to make sure I could plod the running part on the end of my triathlons. But then, just a few weeks after losing my wife to cancer, I was encouraged to come along to NHRR by my amazing friend Paula (Thank you!!). And what a difference it has made to my physical and mental wellbeing. I started the year with the aim of beating 25 mins for 5km. That came and went at the Run Round the Garden... And by then I had also done the Greenway Challenge in under 2 hours. The new goal was 10km in under 50 mins; Previously unthinkable but achieved at the St Albans MWL and several times since. The most special was sub-50 for the 2018 Standalone 10km which I entered but did not run in 2017 as it coincided with my wife's funeral. Had I run in 2017 I would have been over the moon with sub-60 minutes let alone sub-50. I also ran the Great North Run in just over 2 hours this year. Running has been instrumental in managing my mental wellness too, giving me a place to go to enjoy the company of people who like to do the same as me and to focus on something else than my loss; after running I come home in a much better place and that is good for me and good for my kids. And through all this effort in triathlon, Aquathlon and running I raised a whopping £2000 for Breast Cancer Now and £500 for Garden House Hospice. It was a massive year for me. I topped it off with hitting my 500 miles in 2018 goal just before Christmas which is so much further than I have ever run before. Thank you to all you amazing people at NHRR for welcoming me, for including me despite my quiet nature and difficulty to talk about any of this, and for the fantastic coaching and support and encouragement. You are true friends and I am very glad I joined the club. No idea yet what my challenges are for 2019 but NHRR will be a big part of whatever I decide to take on.

Re: 2018 in review

Andrew what a truly inspiring story and a very strong man you are what a very sad loss for you and your children I hope you have found some comfort in your running and with NHRR.

Re: 2018 in review

This is a really inspiring thread, thanks Phil.

My goals were rather moderate compared to most of you, but I am proud of what I have achieved and I credit most of it to being part of this great club!

Before taking part in the 2017 C25K I had not run in in over 30 years. But inspired by Helen Govey, I signed up to the C25K and spurred on by the other participants and the volunteers I graduated at the September FSOM with a time of 47 mins. I couldn’t believe that a running club would welcome somebody as slow as me, but you did, and I received an incredible level of encouragement.

So last December I set 3 goals for 2018:
1) to get under 35 mins for my 5k
2) to compete in an official 10k
3) to complete a lap of the FSOM before being overtaken by the front-runners

I’ve ticked off 1 and 2 and hope to achieve 3 in the next couple of months, but much more importantly I feel like a member of a really special club. It’s safe to assume I'll never win us any medals/points, but I’m pretty handy with a teapot, so will always be able to contribute!

I want to take this chance to thank you all for making me feel so welcome and for inspiring me. Special thanks to the purple group, especially Monica for making it possible, and Karen for her coaching and support.

These last few months I’ve been facing some unwelcome and unexpected challenges and I can honestly say it is running and this club that has kept me sane. So huge thanks and best wishes to you all for 2019.

P.S. sorry I blew the word count too!

Re: 2018 in review

Okay, so you are all offically RUBBISH at sticking to the 150 words ;), but I think next year I'll remove the work limit. There are some truly inspirational tales in these posts and I am in awe of you all. Keep them coming if anyone has any more highlights they would like to share.