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Press Report for week ending Sunday 27th January

Hello All,

Please post all your racing results and highlights by 7pm Sunday evening. As usual - quotes and interesting stories greatly appreciated! Please remember to include your full name of you and the race you competed in. Please send any photos through to john(dot)michael(dot)auld(at)googlemail(dot)co(dot)uk

Many Thanks,

Re: Press Report for week ending Sunday 27th January

Three Counties XC league results

Thank you to everybody that has turned out for the club not only today, but in races throughout this season. We have had a fantastic season. Its been brilliant running with you all! :+1:

Not only those that run, the support team is equally as important. People cheering, people taking photos that we can use in the race report. And not least those that take in our team scores. Thanks to all of the support team too. They are all very much appreciated. :pray: The whole effort is a complete team performance.

We have successfully defended our combined championship from last year and added another to it as well!

29 Squirrels went to Wooton today and came back as champions one way or another. In some cases many times over. We should all be very proud of the season results, we are the squirrels that got the nuts.

Overall combined league :couple:

1. NHRR (Champions) :trophy: :raised_hands:
2. Ampthill
3. Wellingbrough

Overall Ladies league :dancer:

1. NHRR (Champions) :trophy: :raised_hands:
2. Wellingbrough
3, Biggleswade

Overall Mens league :runner:

1. Ampthill
2. NHRR :sports_medal: :raised_hands:
3. Wellingbrough

individual champions in open and age categories

Open: Natalie Lawrence :trophy:
V45: Astrid Mckeown :trophy:

30: Tom Webb :trophy:
V40: Matt Sayers :trophy:
V70: Andrew Porter :trophy:

Re: Press Report for week ending Sunday 27th January

๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ thanks @⁨John Auld⁩ for rallying the troops, getting super turnouts, great atmosphere and individual/team performances๐Ÿฅˆ๐Ÿฅ‡๐Ÿฅ‡

Re: Press Report for week ending Sunday 27th January

This morning 4 purples took a trip to Southend on Sea parking at the harvester and running the seafront in preperation for Brighton half marathon.
Myself Hayley Cocks and Jo Kenlin ran 10 miles it was a cold windy start into a wind going out the sun came out blue sky fairly mild for a time the return we had the wind behind us which was nice a lovely run finished with lunch at the harvester.
We were accompanied by shani fielding who had unfortunately developed a nasty cough so couldn't run and Kelly Hanlon who took one for the team and nursed coffee with Shani whilst putting the world to rights then had the cheek to complain she was exhausted lol we are going back in April great day ๐Ÿ˜Š

Re: Press Report for week ending Sunday 27th January

3 squirrels toed the start line of the 125th running of the prestigious southern xc championships at the iconic parliament hill. A charge up hill to start a challenging 15km course of mud & hills.

Results were as follows:

92nd - Adam Bowller
197th - Darren Sunter
281st - Matt Sayers

Many thanks to John Auld, Mark Vaughan & Wayne Bell for their support. John & Mark made themselves particularly popular amongst their fellow spectators with their enthusiastic use of cow bells

Re: Press Report for week ending Sunday 27th January

Hi all,

Just a quick reminder, to avoid disappointment: this thread is for race results. The report writer (this week it's John) will prioritise the league result, as per the Guidelines. These are pinned at the top of the Forum, and offer some tips which help to make the report writers' work easier.

Many thanks,

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Re: Press Report for week ending Sunday 27th January

Sorry I must be mistaken I thought it was a press report for anything running related? For the week not just races I'm not expecting it to make the news! Just thought it makes for good reading.

Re: Press Report for week ending Sunday 27th January

Hi Hayley,

No problem. This particular thread is for race reports for the report writer to collate and write up, and then send to the sports pages of the local papers and local sports radio.



Re: Press Report for week ending Sunday 27th January

on Saturday Mark V and John A travelled to Parliament Hill fields to spectate at the SEAA cross country championships.

It was a cold day, not really suited for standing around, but both squirrels persevered and spent a good hour or so clapping and cheering, before moving to the finish to watch the runners come home.

Both squirrels set new pbs for using cowbells, with Mark slightly injuring his finger due to "over ringing syndrome". Our ears were still ringing, even when the bells had stopped, and Mark has partially lost his voice due to all the cheering!

We also managed to eat all the flapjack, some of which was meant for the runners!

John managed to push through Saturday, and even made it to race at the 3CXC fixture on the Sunday, showing real grit and endurance.

Probably not recommended, doing 2 races back to back, but Mark also clapped and cheered on Sunday, no cow bells this time as his finger was still in recovery.

All in all, a good weekend!

Re: Press Report for week ending Sunday 27th January

The results are now on the website.

The ladies absolutely smashed it yesterday! Remember we were trying to beat Wellingborough for the title...

1. NHRR 25
2. Biggleswade 36
3. Wellingborough 59

The men’s was so close! Rugby almost caught us, so well done to everyone fighting for places!

1. Amptill 138
2. NHRR 215
3. Rugby 216

We won the combined! So we won all 5 races! Ampthill finished 3rd this race, so we won by 6 points!!!

1. NHRR 588
2. Wellingborough 785
3. Ampthill

This means that overall the league results are, with scores;


1. NHRR 61
2. Wellingborough 59
3. Biggleswade 58


1. Amptill 64
2. NHRR 60
3. Wellingborough 51


1. NHRR 65
2. Ampthill 59
3. Wellingborough 56