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Any comments for the Three Counties XC League

I have a meeting to wash up the league for this season. If you have any comments that you’d like me to bring up, please let me know - either on this thread, in person or by emailing

Meeting is Monday 11th Feb, but I think I need agenda points shortly.

Although I’m certain that they will be after any comments on any of the courses this year, good or bad - so please share views on this.

How about the new age categories?

How about the fixture dates? For sure I will be bringing up the clash with the Southern XC championships.

Wellingborough was moved from the first fixture to give people a warm up race before this technically tricky one, was this any better?

Would you like to see Wing return? LFR are no longer league organisations next year, they stopped hosting their race at Wing so that they could concentrate on the league admin. I did ask them if this means they would host again, but they were not certain.

Likewise if there’s any comments for me, please let me know. Anything that I can be doing better, anything I should continue with? My approach is simply to try and share my enthusiasm for XC and competing together as a team.


Re: Any comments for the Three Counties XC League

Hi John,

I love the XC, its the highlight of the year for me.

Two comments
1) More races with water "features". Wing or the one in Bedford last year. More water = more fun.

2) When the results are posted on the XC website, they only give the combined results for the first page (ie the fastest 40 people). A couple of years ago they showed all the results for everyone who did 4 or more races. Can they go back to this.

Re: Any comments for the Three Counties XC League

Cheers Vince, trust me, I’m always campaigning for more water features! I totally agree with you. Even the sharnbrook course had a little hurdle that you had to jump. I think any little feature like this makes it better.

I have asked about the individual rankings to be published in full. Somebody is going to have a look for me. I’ll let you know...

Re: Any comments for the Three Counties XC League

I would like to say a massive WELL DONE to John for being SO enthusiastic and encouraging about cross country. I am sure you have inspired a lot of the cross country newbies to give it a go and discover what fun it is and also kept the seasoned campaigners interested and committed to every race. Every one of your pre-race posts has reminded me of what great fun cross country is. Unfortunately at this time of year I am too pre-occupied with horses to be able to also justify the self indulgence of spending half a day running around in the mud and eating cake but I can promise I was there in spirit and was very envious of everyone who could run.

I am sure that your enthusiasm has had a lot to do with the fantastic results achieved.

Re: Any comments for the Three Counties XC League

Thanks for doing such a good job organising John, XC is the highlight of my season.
My feedback:
I liked how the race dates were spread out this year but we should avoid clashes with county and southern XC dates in future.
I don't think it really matters which race is first, they are all difficult and tricky in their own way and different people prefer difference courses. Our XC is probably "easiest"!
The queues for food were crazy at a couple of the events. I'd suggest separate queues for food and coffee and more thought into getting people through the food queues quickly (sorry a bit moany but I got really cold and a bit hangry waiting for food at some events, especially after having walked a long way back to race HQ).
It was great to run at Ampthill again this year
Results were available really quickly on race days
Really proud of how our efforts to bring our own mugs encouraged other clubs and runners to do the same!

Re: Any comments for the Three Counties XC League

Hi john. A couple of things from me,
A quicker cup of tea (seperate queues?)
Bring back wing!!
Walk to and from hq on last XC was so long!!
Apart from that I loved it!!
Thanks for your efforts

Re: Any comments for the Three Counties XC League

Hi John - first of all, massive congratulations on a fantastic xc season again this year, your commitment and encouragement are second to none, so well done! XC is definitely one of the highlights of my running year.

I 'like' all the courses (especially when I've finished running :wink: ) but I admit that I find Wellingborough the toughest as clambering in and out of that freezing brook is very challenging and quite scary for me (I'm waaaaaay to old to jump it!) I do think it's a lot better since they changed it to a single crossing which we do on the way out and again on the way back. I don't really think it matters which order we do the races in, if you want to do them then you will probably make the effort to be there. I definitely DON'T want to see lots more water features, personally, but the muddy cow puddle at Wing is an exception - I like that course and hope we can do it again! Lovely (in a kind of masochistic way) to be able to run Ampthill again, such a great course and just down the road!

The clash with the Southerns was unfortunate - kudos to those guys who ran that and then turned up on the Sunday to run Wootton!! The league really should try and avoid such clashes if at all possible.

I thought the new age categories were fairer - ok, so only the first in category actually wins anything (and I speak as someone who was second in her age category :laughing: ) but I think it helps the competition and more people have a chance to shine as it's now in five year bands rather than ten.

Queues for the food and drink were a serious pain at some of the venues - separate queues might be preferable so people could at least get a hot drink before getting in a very long queue for food. This tends to be more of an issue for those of us further down the field, I'm afraid - as Lindsay remarked, the last race had a very long walk to get back to the venue (and we were already really quite cold by then) and then we had to stand in the cold to queue for food and drinks - I suspect that some later finishers just didn't bother. To be fair, however, that queue was not the worst and it did move quite quickly. The standard of refreshments was quite good, I thought, and it was nice to see an effort being made to get people to use reusable cups.

Re: Any comments for the Three Counties XC League

Thank you all very much for this feedback. :+1:

Re: Any comments for the Three Counties XC League

I agree with a lot of what Linda said, hope Wing comes back sometime, also separating the food/drink queues afterwards. However all the hosts were very good at keeping food back for slower runners, which isn't always the case in the summer midweek league.