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Boston Marathon

Boston Lincolnshire that is... Very flat - I think the total elevation is about 34 feet. Yes, feet. I wasn't looking forward to this one as I had in my head that it would be endless straight roads stretching ahead of me for miles with nothing to look at but cabbages and nothing to break the wind whipping in from the east coast but I was pleasantly surprised! Yes the route was very exposed and there was nothing to break the very cold wind which seemed to be headwind for at least 3/4 of the run but the route was lovely! I seemed to spend the whole time running from little village to little village and with it being so flat the next village was always in sight from leaving the previous one but not too far and often not in a straight line. Loads of water stations manned by very cheery marshals many of whom were in fancy dress - one water station had gone for a Christmas theme with a big 'Only 255 days to go' sign and all marshals dressed as Santa. I was hopeful of another sub-4 to add to my collection, went through 20 in just over 3 hours so was on target but beginning to feel it so I knew it was going to be close. Picked up well in the last 2 miles and finished in 3.55 so happy with that. My last mile was my quickest of the run by nearly a minute!

There is a half as well as a marathon and if there is ever such a thing as a wind-free day in the Fens this would be a serious contender for a PB course...

I really like these smaller rural road marathons - they are always well organised, well supported, easy to get to (except for navigating Peterborough), plenty of parking, decent goody bag, anyone can enter. Others I can highly recommend are Halstead (a real contender for my favourite marathon and there is also a rumour that this year might be the last if you have ever fancied it) and Bungay.