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Re: Press report for week ending Sunday 21 July

Three gan down the Northumberland Coast:

Wye-aye canny lads (and lasses)! There was quite a bit of puffin' (sorry, bird-related pun - you can see Puffins just off the coast here) going on at the 40th Northumberland Coastal Run! Three Squirrels went an unfeasibly long way to run this glorious race today. This is a fabulous event with stunningly beautiful coastal scenery. It starts in Beadnell, and heads south to eventually finish on the beach at Alnmouth. We started on the beach, and almost immediately our shoes were soaked as we had to run through the retreating tide. When we eventually left the first beach section we found we had to clamber over slippery rocks and seaweed to get up onto the coast path. We were rewarded by spectacular views of the very impressive - and very ruined - Dunstanburgh castle, before hitting the half way point in the lovely little harbour at Craster. Another climb up, and some more beach sections with added seawater for our shoes, then a few miles on roads and tracks before eventually descending to the beach again at Alnmouth for a 1.5 mile run across more sand, rocks and seawater to cross the finish line at Alnmouth. The weather was in our favour (unlike last year's event, apparently) with sunny intervals and a pleasant breeze - which turned into a bit of a headwind on the final push across the beach in Alnmouth, making for a tough finish to a challenging event. The distance is listed as 14 miles, but it varies according to the exact route runners take, and the state of the tides. Today's event was just over half marathon distance, at about 13.3 miles.

Linda Aird 2:15:41 (very happy with over 4 mins off my previous time here TEN years ago!)
Lucy O'Connor 2:17:00
Andrew Porter 2:19:22 *Andrew was awarded the prize for 2nd V70* :smile: :trophy:

Re: Press report for week ending Sunday 21 July

FVS Challenge for me. Opted for the marathon distance this year as I hate the loop in the middle that bumps it up to ultra distance. Perfect running conditions - warm and sunny. Finished in 4.35 and I think I was first lady. Sue and Naomi were there, there may also have been others running other distances but Sue and Naomi are all that I saw.

Re: Press report for week ending Sunday 21 July

Myself and Lucy Hurly (and some other Squirrels I'll let them tell their story) did the FVS Challenge Half Marathon today. A lovely self guided run around the countryside near Stevenage. Well Lucy's navigation was impeccable as was her encouragement for me in the last few miles as I slowed badly after 1st nearly choking having swallowed a fly and then just running out of energy. A really enjoyable friendly event with great company. we finished in (about) 2hrs 25mins (cant find any official results yet)

Re: Press report for week ending Sunday 21 July

I did the marathon at the FV Challenge. I was going along nicely chatting away when I tripped going under a bridge at about mile 10 and somehow in landing I scraped the top of my nose. One very helpful runner patched me up with a plaster. It caused me to walk for a while but with no other damage apart from a bloody nose and swelling i was soon back running if a bit slowly and finished in 5.56. 😊

Re: Press report for week ending Sunday 21 July

Shani fielding/ Briers

I also ran the Asics 10km 1:08:53...with my partner in crime Hayley Cocks managed over 10 mins faster than last year no pb for me but again really enjoyed the run, very well organised with a great medal, t- shirt and goody bag. Definitely one to do again next year..still chasing a new pb!