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Re: Press report for week ending Sunday 28th July

A group of 5 squirrels travelled to the Stantonbury Athletics Track in MIlton Keynes on Saturday for the MK5000.

Billed as the night of the 5000 PB’s the men’s and women’s A races were also the English 5000 championships so there were plenty of high profile GB runners present.

1st up in the Men’s races were Mark Vaughan and Stewart Overton who ran 16:28 and 16:33.

Next up was Nathan Pask and Andrew Leech who ran 16:00 and 16:04. Bittersweet for Nathan who ran a 12 second PB but missed sub 16 by 0.68ths of a second. Literally a dip for the line.

Finally, Tom Webb ran 15:43 to close out a great evening of racing for NHRR.

With great support from Karen, Pete, Sue Vaughan, Jim McConnel and Wayne Bell on the sidelines and fellow squirrels streaming Facebook live the 5 runners all came away with great memories of the event.

Following the NHRR boys were the men’s and ladies elite races which were taken in keenly by all. Free to spectate and a reasonable entry fee this event is fast becoming a must on the athletics calendar.

The chance to watch the current and future starts of GB athletics from lane 4 and the chance to interact (and get the odd photo) puts this event on a par with any track meet.

Re: Press report for week ending Sunday 28th July

The superb performances at Milton Keynes see Andrew Leach topping the national rankings by over a minute whilst Mark Vaughan flew in to 18th spot in the V45 category.

Re: Press report for week ending Sunday 28th July

Completed the lee valley 10k in 55mins 40 secs 7th in my age category nice scenery despite the rain

Re: Press report for week ending Sunday 28th July

Thank you - great reports! Keep them coming!

Re: Press report for week ending Sunday 28th July

Along with Elwyn, I also took part in the '10 fest' event at Lee Valley. I did the 10 mile race, which was a lovely scenic 2-lap route through Lee Valley Country Park. It was an absolute treat to run in cooler temperatures under cloudy skies and rain after all the hot weather lately! I completed the 10 miles in 1 h 23 mins, and was 11th woman overall :)

Re: Press report for week ending Sunday 28th July

Hi James,

I competed in the Galeforce Events Bedford Tri Crazy sprint triathlon this morning. Despite the rain, which could have made the ride tricky, I finished 3rd in my age group, in a PB of 1:27:53, as a result of achieving my best performance in each of the three disciplines. It is a very friendly local triathlon and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to dip a toe in the triathlon water, so to speak. The next race is on 29th September.


Re: Press report for week ending Sunday 28th July

Strictly speaking I’m a week late but last weekend I completed 30 miles of Man v Lakes. If you want a report, let me know! The pics are amazing...

Re: Press report for week ending Sunday 28th July

Scott - yes please post a quick report. Strictly speaking it's a bit late for the press report, but I'm sure everyone would like to hear about it. Is that the one with swimming and kayaking? Perhaps we could post your pics on NHRR Facebook? And what is your surname? (Apologies - the club is growing so fast that the days when I knew everyone are long gone!)

Re: Press report for week ending Sunday 28th July

Hi James.

Facebook won't allow posts from just anyone as far as I can tell! Race report below...

Last weekend I completed the Rat Race ‘Man v Lakes’ event. I say ‘race’ report as it’s not strictly speaking a race. You don’t get anything special for finishing in the quickest time. It’s all about the experience apparently!

I travelled up to the Lake District on the Friday for check in at the glamorous Kendal Leisure Centre before carrying on to Coniston where we were to be based (and where the event finished).

Checked into our B&B before heading to the pub for some crucial carb loading… :)

A 5am alarm saw me and four others strap on our backpacks and trail shoes (amongst other clothing) before the short walk to get the buses for the hour drive to the start. In the pouring rain. It was a common theme for the first half of the day!

The start of the event in Silverdale must surely be unlike any other in this country. Under a windswept inflatable arch on a campsite you are herded down on to the beach and met by several quad bikes a few tractors and storm clouds on the horizon (certainly no land to be seen!). It’s an intimidating sight.

The flag waves and off you go, Between four and six miles across Morecambe bay with the tide out, rain hammering down, following said quad bikes in the hope you’re not being led into the abyss! It ranged from ‘splashy’ wet to thigh deep and was an amazing experience. However soon enough land came into view and we were back on the firm-ish stuff. A quick couple of miles along the promenade and we are six miles in and at the first well-stocked pit stop.

Then the fun really started. What follows is 26 miles of many, many ups and downs as you make your way north across the Lake District. The tricky part wasn’t necessarily the number of hills, but the terrain. Rocky, craggy and boggy it was impossible for the vast majority of the event to get into any sort of running rhythm, but try we did!

The hills were often brutal, the downhills just as difficult on the knees and the concentration to avoid a tumble. Shredded heels didn’t help but some DIY medical attention after 13 miles meant I got round just about.

Being a Rat Race event, when you get to Windermere you get involved in inflatable running and a bit of token swimming. But at that point the water was quite refreshing. The last five miles was a stinger with a huge ascent and descent in Grizedale Forest before a kayaking section in Lake Coniston and a last (mercifully flat) mile to the finish.

It was hard, very hard, but I do love the test these events bring. The camaraderie is excellent and there’s a real sense of achievement at the end. And beer and chips :)

Re: Press report for week ending Sunday 28th July

Well done, Scott - that is epic! Great report, too.

Re: Press report for week ending Sunday 28th July

Wow Scott, what an amazing experience! Congratulations on completing one of the toughest events I think I’ve ever heard of!