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Spirella Home update

Anyone that has given the club permission to email them should have received an email about our current situation with Spirella this morning.

If you did not receive it, please check that it did not go into your junk or spam folder. In the past we have had problems with hotmail and addresses not receiving club emails. I have checked with the admin of outlook and they have conformed that they HAVE NOT BLOCKED either the club email address or my individual ip address from sending emails to hotmail or addresses. Please do what you can to receive them (add the address to your trusted senders list). Alternatively please give me a different email address if you have one.

The Spirella email update is as follows:

Hello hello!

Dear member,

We would like to provide you with another update to our tenancy situation with Spirella (please also refer to the emails from January 2019 and February 2018 below).

At the AGM we explained that we had shortlisted a few venues in Letchworth which we were looking into further with the hope of hosting some trial meetings over the summer. These venues included the Nuffield gym, Eagles Football club, Rugby club, CrossFit gym and more recently also a Plinston Hall refurbishing venture. With some venues we are able to progress more than with others.

However, in the meantime, there have been some organisational changes within the Heritage Foundation (HF) that opened an opportunity to discuss our situation with different individuals. We were given the opportunity to make a case for our club, including a presentation to show what we are about and what we do for Letchworth plus some very powerful videos from some members where becoming a member made a real impact on their lives (thanks again to Phil, his team and all others involved). The meeting was very encouraging.

While there are still plans by the HF to repurpose the Spirella Building reception, our case will be reviewed further up in the organisation. In the meantime, our tenancy has been further extended to March 2020.

We are still pursuing the other options mentioned above in parallel and will host trial sessions, where applicable, later this year or early 2020.

We are very happy that we seem to have another shot at staying at Spirella and with the positive attitudes we seem to have encountered within the HF.

Kind Regards

Astrid (on behalf of the committee)