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Press Report W/E Sunday 18th August

KIMBOLTON HALF - Sunday 18th. My first time at this half & enjoyed it very much, a lovely course. Started in the poring rain finished in sunshine in a time of 2:19:52. There were a few squirrels there also & I’m sure they’ll post their results soon.

Re: Press Report W/E Sunday 18th August

I too did Kimbolton this mo rning and totally agree with Vanessa.PB by 4 minuets for me today 1.52.53 and 9 minuets quicker than the last time I ran it. All in all a good morning.

Re: Press Report W/E Sunday 18th August

Went to run of the month today with a few other squirrels up in Thorney. About an hour’s drive and well worth it for the fast and flat 5 mile course. It was an out and back route well represented by a large number of running clubs as the race featured in the Cambridgeshire Senior Champs I believe. I hadn’t run a chip timed 5 mile race so was unsure what speed/time/pace etc to work towards. Having had a number of squirrels comment that I go out too fast and then die I decided to think carefully about my race plan. So I went out too fast and DIDN’T die. Upon reflection this was because the course was not long enough for me to crumble. Finishing in 31:38 and in 30th place I was happy. This considering there was a strong head wind for half the race which was unexpected.

Other squirrels should post later but NHRR claimed 2,3 and 4th spot and I believe a couple of club records were achieved.


Re: Press Report W/E Sunday 18th August


Rachel Arnott - 1:42:48
Adam Wilson - 1:52:53
Jennie Fraser - 1:53:58
Alice Noakes - 1:55:58
Lucy Hurley - 2:03:05
Naomi Parkinson - 2:03:06
Alan Hazlehurst - 2:06:22
Allison Blunt - 2:09:21
Vanessa Rolfe - 2:19:52
Jim Marvell - 2:31:11
Alison Mottram - 2:31:55

Hope I’ve got it all right & not missed anyone. Apologies for those who achieved a well deserved PB as I don’t know who did for me to mention in this report

Re: Press Report W/E Sunday 18th August

Leila's Run in Wheathampstead for me today. Having had a pretty horrible time at the Dovedale Dipper a couple of weeks ago I was a bit apprehensive about this one but all fell into place and it went pretty well! It is a 6.55 mile run which the marathon runners do 4 times. It is the only lap marathon I actually enjoy! Every mile has an up and a down, the surface and scenery are constantly changing and the laps fly by. For me it is also a really good training run as my rules state that 'if a hill has been run up before then it can be run again' (so I have to run up all the hills every lap), 'never waste a downhill' (so I have to run all the downhills) and 'ALWAYS run the last mile', however slowly. As there are no flat bits on this route, which following my rules are the only bits I am allowed to walk, and as I have previously run all the hills, I have to run it all... Did waste some time walking and talking when I caught up with people who had started an hour early but still finished in 4.07, which is a PB for this event!

Sue was also there but I will let her post her own result.

Re: Press Report W/E Sunday 18th August

I was happy to pick up an age group silver medal at the Sprint Triathlon National Championships at Box End, Bedford on Sunday morning, finishing the 750m Swim, 20km cycle and 5k Run In 1:06:43.

I see Paula Holm was also competing well after a period of injury: 18th in age in a time of 1:25:46.

Natalie Lawrence also ran a fab race and won her age group in 1:09:25 and 4th overall.

I’m not sure whether Paula or Natalie run these with a NHRR hat on. Also not sure if there were any other squirrels as everybody disappeared quickly afterward due to torrential rain.

Re: Press Report W/E Sunday 18th August

Thorney 5 mile results
pos name time cat pos
2 Thomas Webb 00:26:30 1
3 Andrew Leach 00:27:05 1
4 Mark Vaughan 00:27:13 2
20 Peter Sibbett 00:30:19 3
25 John Auld 00:30:37 12
30 David Weston 00:31:41 13
45 Astrid McKeown 00:32:48 1
125 Andrew Coates 00:38:36 18
143 Richard Weber 00:40:03 15
149 F Lucy O'Connor 00:40:20 5
166 Linda Aird 00:41:30 1
182 Karen Dodsworth 00:42:14 8
206 Sue Vaughan 00:43:47 8
254 Jane Tyler 00:49:39 12
284 Joanne Sopala 00:54:38 18
298 Lindsey Lucas 00:58:28 17

lots of cat pos winner and some new club records (Andrew, Mark, Astrid and possibly more...?)

Re: Press Report W/E Sunday 18th August

Tuesday 13th August
Woodford Open 3000m Race Walk

2nd 13:49.5

Dave : )

Re: Press Report W/E Sunday 18th August

On Saturday morning I ran the Heartlands Parkrun in Cornwall. It was a beautiful morning and a very technical (twisty-turny and mixed surfaces) 3-lap run around a super park built from old mine workings in the middle of Camborne. I finished 22nd out of 183 runners and 4th VM50-54 in a time of 22:48.

Re: Press Report W/E Sunday 18th August

Just wanted to add that I had a really good day at the Thorney 5. I had the best fun. It’s a great little event. I enjoyed the course and the atmosphere at the race. Everyone was super friendly and supportive.

I think that the NHRR presence at the race was fantastic! Think we had a great team spirit there and we featured heavily in the awards too.

Another great day for NHRR, exactly what the run of the month is all about.

Thanks to all my team mates that made the journey.

I even managed to get in my scone and coffee which is now traditional for my Sunday bike ride. There’s a great little cafe on the high street.

#EveryoneMatters - that’s all that matters

Re: Press Report W/E Sunday 18th August

I echo Jo’s comments about Leila’s Run except that I have to confess to not running up all the hills on laps three and four and unfortunately didn’t get a course PB, but happy to have finished in 4.50.😀

Re: Press Report W/E Sunday 18th August

After over 3 weeks with very little running I was pleased to finish the Kimbolton Half in 2hrs 06:22. This is a lovely race and really well organised. I know that Adam Wilson got a PB by FOUR minutes not sure about anyone else.

Re: Press Report W/E Sunday 18th August

Totally echo John's comments regarding Thorney 5, a great RoTM:) With Tom 2nd, Andrew 3rd, Mark 1st V45 and 4th, Astrid 1st V45, Linda 1st V60 and the men's team of Tom, Andrew and Mark winning the team trophy there was plenty to cheer at the presentations. Andrew, Astrid and mark all set new club records and Lucy O'Connor ran her 1st PB of 2019. Special mention of Jo Sopala who knocked an amazing 3 mins of her previous 5M time to set a new PB of under 55mins.
Wonderful day, love NHRR:)