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Three Counties XC league results for Wootton

These are the provisional results as announced today. They did say that the full results may take a little longer this week. So expect them to be up on Tuesday. I will post when I have them.

Thank you to Linda, Jo and Dickie for taking scores. :writing_hand:

Thanks to travelling supporters :pray:

I'm super pleased to report that we once again achieved a clean sweep of victories! :heart_eyes:

Super squirrels running for each other. #TeamNHRR

This is an amazing result that really sets us up for a great last couple of races.

The next one, as you know, is own very own hosted race. So we are taking an overall lead into the women, men and combined championships.

I must stress that EVERYBODY contributes to this TEAM effort. We need to keep the momentum going and please do not think that there's no difference if you do not turn up. As this is not true. Everybody Matters. Everybody helps add to the other teams scores. There's a lot of work still to do in the remaining 2 events. But we do have the treble in sight. #BELIEVE #SqueakyBumTime

Overall, this should give us a 4 point lead in the combined championship and a single point lead in both the ladies and men championships.

Results for today are as follows. I will post full runners list a little bit later... We had 24 finishers.

I'll post the overall league results when I have them too.


Ladies :dancer:

1. NHRR :raised_hands:
2. Wellingborough
3. Bedford
4. Biggleswade
= Wootton
6. Ampthill

Men :runner:

1. NHRR :raised_hands:
2. Ampthill
3. Rugby
4. East Haddon
5. Wellingborough

Combined :couple:

1. NHRR :raised_hands:
2. Ampthill
3. Wellingborough
4. Bedford
5. Biggleswade

Re: Three Counties XC league results for Wootton

I loved it this morning, such a great course, I always have a really super nice afternoon knowing I deserve a chill out after a rufty tufty xc ! Good job leader John (hashtag- whatever that means!?) superb result x

Re: Three Counties XC league results for Wootton

24 flying black squirrels running today.

Well done everybody.

2. Ed Price
6. Stewart Overton
9. Mark Vaughan
10. Wayne Bell
11. Nathan Pask
14. John Auld
17. Oli Brady
19. John Rayner
29. Katie Harbon (1st lady)
33.Vincent Wright
52. Pete Sibbett
55. Ian Datlen
103. Astrid Mckeown
106. James Walsh
117. Paula Adams
128. Ian Harvey
158. Steve Williamson
174. Andrew Coates
215. Lucy O'Connor
229. Jo Harbon
256. Karen Dodsworth
267. Tim Banting
308. Carina Quale
330. Brian Judkins

Re: Three Counties XC league results for Wootton

Great run today, lovely conditions and great supporters, as always.

Also good to see some new members out today getting their shiny new club vests muddy! Well done Tim and Ian, a great way to start your running career with NHRR!

Let's see if we can get more squirrels out for the next one.....

Re: Three Counties XC league results for Wootton

Well done all of you (missing XC a lot this season!)!

Re: Three Counties XC league results for Wootton

Results are online here

Re: Three Counties XC league results for Wootton

Standings overall after 3 events

Ladies :dancer:

1. NHRR 38 :raised_hands:
2. Wellingborough 37
3. Bedford 32

Men :runner:

1. NHRR 38 :raised_hands:
2. Ampthill 37
3. Wellingborough 31

Combined :couple:

1. NHRR 39 :raised_hands:
2. Ampthill 35
3. Wellingborough 34