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Three Counties XC league results for Letchworth

Here are the provisional results as read out today.

Thank you to everybody that helped today. What a bunch of super star squirrels! :star:

Thank you to everybody that ran today. :clap:

Thank you to everybody that supported today. :+1:

Fantastic event from #TeamNHRR.

Both ladies and men were very close races!

The ladies should be 2nd by one point. The men are level on points, but leading on score difference. The combined we have a 5 point lead.

By my reckoning the ladies are a point behind with a deficit of 1 score difference to Wellingborough. Thats a single point! and a single score! So this is very doable to turn this around. Ladies win at Dunstable and they will have a better score difference. Basically, both men and ladies is now a straight last race shoot out, winner takes it all.

There's one race left on Jan 12th at Dunstable and there's everything to play for!

Proper squeaky bum time now! :scream:

Congrats to Katie who has won the individual ladies with 4 stunning victories. She already has an unbeatable score, so well done! :ok_hand:

We had 41 runners today, well done all. I will post these a little later on.


Ladies :dancer:

1. Biggleswade 51
2. Wellingborough 60
3. Ampthill 64
4. NHRR 67 :raised_hands:
5. Team East Haddon 79

Men :runner:

1. Ampthill 91
2. NHRR 96 :raised_hands:
3. Wellingborough 443
4. Team East Haddon 451
5. Bedford 471

Combined :couple:

1. NHRR :raised_hands:
2. Ampthill
3. Wellingborough
4. Team East Haddon
5. Biggleswade

Re: Three Counties XC league results for Letchworth

The results are up!!!