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Update to Run(s) of the Month for May

Run of the Month is about getting out as a club and enjoying racing together. :two_hearts:

The RoTM for April was the Sandy 10 - which was postponed due to the Coronavirus (you may have heard of it?). The runs for May were due to be the MWL races. Although these are not yet cancelled or postponed - it seems likely.

With this in mind we would like to set some virtual races as the Run(s) of the Month for May. We will then see how the situation develops and look to do the same in the months thereafter...

When running the virtual events, please abide by the social distancing guidance. Avoid running in busy locations and always run solo. Please do not drive somewhere to run (in line with govt guidance). :warning:

As part of the RoTM concept is to give the club a presence - it would be good to wear some item of kit whilst doing so. For example your club vest, but could be T-shirt, including Standalone T-shirt or jacket or any other item of kit. :running_shirt_with_sash: Wearing your vest also makes it feel a bit more like an event rather than a normal run. If you miss racing, and have just been doing runs - then try and set a day to put your race gear on and set a target time for yourself. :raised_hands:

For the MWL 'replacement', why not create a buffet for yourself afterwards:interrobang:
Put it on a table outside and eat it whilst writing your Strava description of how it went. :yum:

:apple: :banana: :cake: :cookie: :tea: :coffee: :poultry_leg: :hamburger:

If the MWL do arrange anything - we will amend accordingly. MWL Rep, Pete, is keeping us up to date. :+1:

Runs of the Month for May

:date: Saturday 2nd May. The Virtual First Saturday of the Month 5km.
One day event. Run a 5km and submit it for the FSOTM results.

:date: 18th-24th May. Virtual May 10km.
Run a 10km time trial any time in the week and submit the result on the forum under the thread that is created for the results. This is the week in-between what would have been two MWL fixtures. Elapsed time only - but any route you like.


Katie and John

Re: Update to Run(s) of the Month for May

Fabulous idea Katie and John, so looking forward to the 5 and 10km and hopefully wearing my club vest in warm weather:)

Re: Update to Run(s) of the Month for May

looking forward to my buffet!

Re: Update to Run(s) of the Month for May

Just confirming that next week is the Run of the Month 10km. I expect we are all missing the MWL but here’s the next best thing:). Just hope my new trainers arrive in time as my old ones are disintegrating daily!!

Re: Update to Run(s) of the Month for May

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