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ST.ALBANS 10K - Sunday 23rd August

This event was fantastic, soooooo good to attend one, it was like a breath of fresh air, you’d think it was my first running event in my life 😂

It was really well organised, no health issues, everyone respectful of each other, couldn’t fault the organisation

Finished 1:06:55 (this was my own watch time)

Re: ST.ALBANS 10K - Sunday 23rd August

Well done Vanessa, glad the event went with out any problems. ATW are due to organise the Hatfield 5ml in Nov. This will be based on the success of the the St Albans race.


Re: ST.ALBANS 10K - Sunday 23rd August

ATW did a great job, really well organised and all the marshals and staff knew exactly what they were doing! Pen system worked really pre race and the Forumla 1 grid start with a stagger (10-20s) between waves was excellent! Spent most of the race equidistant from the people around me with very few passes.