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Short Runs League Week 24

Welcome to the Short Runs League! :runner: :four_leaf_clover:

The Short Runs League will be running until we are all back to our normal running routines.

The SORE League will continue to run alongside this new league for those who feel they want to continue with longer distances. So the regular post on the forum will still appear each week for you to add runs of over 10 miles.

You can view the latest Short Runs League from the same place as the SORE League. It appears directly underneath the SORE League.

Latest SORE League

Short Runs League Rules:

Each week a similar post to the SORE League will appear and all you need to do is add the distance and the date you ran, and if you want to you can add where you did the run.

Points will be awarded for every run of 1 complete mile up to a total of 10 miles as follows:

1 complete mile 1 point
Over 1 mile and up to 3 miles 1.5 points
Over 3 miles and up to 5 miles 2 points
Over 5 miles and up to 8 miles 2.5 points
Over 8 miles and up to 10 miles 3 points
Half point for providing home-made cake at a social run or virtual race

Points will be awarded for runs completed on a treadmill, in the garden, somewhere in the house (if that becomes the only place you can exercise) or hopefully out in the fresh air.

Add your posts below!

Re: Short Runs League Week 24

1 sept 2.7 miles in the lovely morning sun.

Thanks Sue

Re: Short Runs League Week 24

1st Sept steady run 3.5mls

Re: Short Runs League Week 24

6.11 miles for Michelle on Tuesday and 4.72 miles for Michelle on Thursday.

7.26 miles for Andy on Tuesday and 5 miles for Andy on Thursday.

Re: Short Runs League Week 24

3.1 miles on Saturday

Thanks Sue

Re: Short Runs League Week 24

Tues 4.3m
Thurs 4.2m
Sat 3.1m (5K)
Sun 6.2m (10K)

Re: Short Runs League Week 24

Hi Sue

This week's runs for me please;

Monday 31st August- 7 miles

Wednesday 2nd Sept- 8.15 miles

Thursday 3rd Sept- 5.15 miles

Friday 4th Sept - 6 miles

Saturday 5th Sept - 9 miles

Thanks Sue

I hope you enjoyed your Spires and shires marathon in the lovely sunshine Sue

Re: Short Runs League Week 24

Hi Sue,

Runs for me this week:

Monday 31st August - 5.2 miles
Tuesday 1st September - 6 miles
Wednesday 2nd September- 5.9 miles
Thursday 3rd September- 6.2 miles
Saturday 5th September- 5.3 miles
Saturday 5th September - 3.1 miles FSOM with my son Max
Sunday 6th September - 13.1 miles

Well done on your run today 👏


Re: Short Runs League Week 24

Obviously on a roll this week as remembered to post:) Thank you Sue for all your work with the 2 leagues.

My runs for last week were:
Tues 1st 5.6M
Wed 2nd 4.13M
Thurs 3rd killer 5.99M over Pegsdon hills, loved it but Andrew and Sue are so good off road:)
Sat 5th 4.11M including 24.19 5km for FSoTM
Sun 6th 6.2M