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Question about songs played

Hello.Im listening your radio station from Czech Republic and finally found best radio station that fits my needs ;-)
But i have one question...Is possible to find anywhere what song have been played aprox. 2 days ago?Bigger history of played songs would be good for us listeners.Anyway very good job with your playlists ;-)

Sorry for my crappy english ;-)

Re: Question about songs played

I just discover the Lynx stations today via There is a listing of recently played songs on that site:

Re: Question about songs played

Hi Sviccc

Please go to our listen page. Under each station wou will see the link 'Click Here To See The Songs You Just Missed'.

It will show you the last 10 songs that were played.

The Lynx Internet Radio Network Technical Support

Re: Question about songs played

oooh, thanks for that! any chance of getting the list extended to say the last 24 hrs?
new and totally devoted listener!