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music drop outs

What is the problem with the station going silent for 5 to 10 minutes just before the hour? I have it happen just about hourly and sometimes 2 or 3 times per hour. It is not the signal loss causing the player to go into buffering, it is no signal from the station.
I love the Lynx classic rock but these drop outs are so frustrating I have started looking into other internet radio stations. None of them I have found so far have any kind of drop out problems.

Re: music drop outs

Hi Zappdog

We apologize for the technical difficulties. It appears our software upgrade didn't go as well on the Classic Rock stations it did on the others.

However, the problem has been resolved.

Thanks again for your listener loyalty and we hope this didn't cause you much of an inconvenience.

Re: music drop outs

Hey, Thanks so much, I noticed an big improvement right away.
I'm addicted to the Classic Rock you play. Many thanks.

Re: music drop outs

Why is Lynx the only station on Winamp online that keeps dropping out? It seems like I have a bad signal from my internet provider but all other stations listed in Winamp work fine with no drop outs. This happens whether from the website link or from Winamp's menu list and only the Lynx.

Re: music drop outs

Hi and thanks for your post.

We are aware of the intermittent drop and working with our streaming partner to resolve this as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

Lynx Technical Support Team

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