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French adverts

Anyone any idea why we get French adverts break into transmissions when listening via Sonos in France and how to avoid them?

Re: French adverts

Hi Ray

Thanks for your post.

We are assuming you are referring to the commercial breaks during the Saving the 70s's and Takin' You Back programs.

They are advertisements that are triggered only during those programs and are geographically aimed based on the IP from the country you are listening from.

You can install a VPN program that will make it appear like you are listening from another country.

If you would like to discuss this further please feel free to let us know.


Re: French adverts

Hi, thanks for the response.
No, I’m talking about adverts that appear in the middle of a song!
Tell me more about the VPN solution please. Is that installed on the Router?


Re: French adverts

It sounds like you may be using a third party app that have the station links, but randomly inserting their own advertising.

We will be contacting you via email shortly to get more details.

Thanks again