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Re: New format?

Lynx Radio Network Technical Team
Thanks again Cindy!

We will test on our end and if need be, contact TuneIn for more information.

We will be in touch.

Just an update, I tried Lynx again this morning through TuneIn and so far it's back to normal! :)

Thanks again,

Re: New format?

Lynx Radio Network Technical Team
Hi Cindy

Thanks for your post.

That is indeed very odd.

We did a test on the android TuneIn app and all 5 stations played as they should, but there could still be problems in other locations.

What city and country are you listening from?

Are you sending a Google Home voice command to play the stations, or are you using the TuneIn app directly from your phone?
Sorry, I forgot to answer one of your questions - I was listening directly through the Tune In app on my iPad, not through the Google home thing.

Re: New format?

That's great news Cindy!

Thank you for the update.