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Lynx format

Well I like the music mix on Lynx but can't it kick along a bit more with some jingles that would make it sound 70-80-and a few djs to add some life- so it doesn't just sound like the songs on my phone (even though I have some amazing songs from the era). I am sure there is a great audience online for people who remember those years but it has to sound a bit like it did in the day - maybe with trivia from the day added- and not too narrow cast - the scope is huge. I am a UK radio dJ now living in Calgary and desperately trying to find my music and presentation with some balls! Stu

Re: Lynx format

Thank you very much for the feedback Stu, and I apologize for the late reply.

We are always looking for different ideas and programs to make the Lynx more exciting. We do have a few currently on air, such as Takin' You Back with Kurt David and Saving the 70s with Mike Walker (with a few others currently being considered), but rest assured we are constantly on the prowl for even more programming that fit our formats.

Thanks again for your feedback and welcome to Cowtown!