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Re: I thought it was good too!

I thoroughly enjoyed Chocolate Sangria and look forward to reading more by the author!! The characters evoked many emotions and are very memorable! Excellent job!

Re: Chocalate Sangria By Tracy Price-Thompson

Hello Ken, hello all!

Thanks to all of you for reading and supporting Chocolate Sangria! Writing this novel was truly a labor of love, and it was the support and appreciation of readers like each of you who made the novel a national bestseller.

I am so glad to get your feedback and hear your opinions of the novel and the characters. In a literary world that is chock full of wonderful books, I am happy you guys chose to read my work and take the time to respond with your thoughts. Please forgive my delay in posting to the site, I just moved to Hawaii and between the sun, the beach and the boxes, have had very little internet time.

Ken, thank you for being such a wonderful book lover, and I can't wait to send you a copy of my next work, which is entitled, A Woman's Worth. It will be available in late March 2004 and I hope to share it with you and your group. Blessings of peace and balance to each of you, Tracy!

I look forward to the next one!

Thank you Tracy for your comments. Between writing and moving I understand that it must be tough. Book circle members love to see input from authors, especially the ones like you who genuinely care to connect with tier audience. I encourage you to keep writing great stories.

We will always be here to read them.