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real good pick

I just finished reading this book about a week ago and I thought it was off the chain! people always say "I couldn't put it down" but I'm serious when I tell yall it was really that good. there are so many different things going on that you want to know about and you can't wait to see what's going to happen. Like when Kyle got arrested I was going crazy because I did not expect that. Just buy it trust me I'm never wrong about books.

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Replying to:

Thank you for posting your comments on Perspectives. "Married Men" is a novel that I enjoyed very much. The characters in it are representative of people I have met and even close friends. Women who really want to know what a man is truly thinking during confrontations, arguments, and even tragedy should read this book. Men, if you are new to perspectives this would be the perfect first book circle read. Let's hear what you think.