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Re: Re: I just finished your book

Hello Annonymous!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts regarding BLACK COFFEE! I'm glad you enjoyed the read, and appreciate your comments regarding the abundance of love support Sandie received from her family. Yes, families are dynamic, as was Sandie's, and many times they are filled with strife. In Black Coffee I decided not to over-cram this story with too many issues that might take the plot on tangents that simply weren't pertinant to the tale. I think Sandie clearly experienced pain as a result of Ladelle's drug use, and Bunchie's domestic violence situation made her want to kill Vernon herself. While those issues were important and realistic, I chose to accentuate Sandie's familial strengths instead of their inherent weaknesses because she was catching hell in all other areas of her life and the sister needed to have something to fall back on. Thank you for your comments and your support! Peace and balance, Tracy.

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Tracy, I just finished Black Coffee. I really enjoyed your book, it reflected alot of my own experiences as a single Black woman

looking for a strong, loving and centered Black man. Like Sanderella I wasn't looking to commit my self to anything less.

One of the few problems I had with the book was that Sanderella's

family was so loving and supportive ALL THE TIME. That seemed a

little unreal to me. I mean as families and not just Black families, there is more jealousy, silbling issues and other

devise situations going on, as well as a lot of love, and when drugs become a factor there is also alot of pain.

That said, the book was memorable and well written, and I truly

enjoyed it.

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Hi Tracy,

I only recently finished your book and thought it was so good. I posted a comment earlier in the month but it's gone now and you hadn't logged on yet and I wanted you to know that girl you can write! Let us know about your next book.

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Hello readers!

I hope you are enjoying a sip of smooth BLACK COFFEE and I look forward to your comments and your questions. Thank you for your support, Tracy!