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Addu Atoll - Flooding

Dont know how many of you know, but in the last few days, torrential rain has caused severe flooding on Addu, Fedu is totally flooded apparently, and several other islands, including Gan, have severe problems, with homes destroyed and so on. The British government has so far sent £55m in aid to Pakistan, to whom we owe no allegience whatsoever, however, for humanitarian reasons, I fully understand why, but how much have they, will they send to Maldives?...not much I bet. Considering we left them in the lurch in 1976 when we succumbed to the tyrannical President and pulled out, and have not raised a finger to help them since, can I suggest that we all contact our local MP, highlighting the plights of the Maldives, and push for aid to be given to them, reminding them or their moral obligation at least. I have, and I know Willie Dunlop has done the same. You can Google your MP, and get his or her email address, and email them direct, and it only takes a minute or two and you know you will feel so much for doing so. Thanks

Re: Addu Atoll - Flooding

Hello Rod,,I,through pure luck actually spoke to my MP,he listened ,then told me--unless the Maldivian government declared a national disaster and specifically asked for help,then nothing would be forthcoming.That means it would be left to themselves to sort it out..I half expect an e-mail update from Feydhoo today,letting us know if they are receiving national help..Larry PS one good thing is that there has been a few more donations to the scholarship/medical and possible flood relief fund...

Re: Addu Atoll - Flooding

Hello boys,,had 2 e-mails in the last hour..1st nobody has been injured,2nd,government officials are there doing a damage assesment along with the island councillors.Apart from the obvious damage to the houses and business properties their main concern is that all of the crops/melons/yams etc are under water and probably lost.Once again relating to the RAF coming to Gan and the Gan inhabitants being relocated[against their wishes]to Feydhoo---well wasn't Gan the main food producing island for the atoll at the time but of course long since lost to the islanders and I don;t suppose ever to return..My contact tells me they are pressing the government officials to provide drainage,but how do you drain level land??I am being told they are trying to have demonstrations to try and get something done but the more I hear the more I am thinking that low lying islands like addu just have to take freak weather on the chin,then come out fighting with every bit of help they can muster..I can remember getting e-mails from Hittadu,just after the tsunami saying that they knew in their hearts that the RAF would have flown in to help if they had been hit,,now would it not be great if somehow the RAF could have flown in some sort of help now????Larry

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