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Dear Phil/Willie:
I have some GIP issues which I will scan and send as soon as I can. My wife had been ill since I came to Canada May 2009, and eventually she died just a month ago. I had not been able to scan the GIP for which I had promised earlier - if you refer to my former messages. This was also the reason that I could not participate in the Meet 2010 which was to take place early this year perhaps.

I was Education Clerk & Librarian in the Education Section, and worked from Feb. 1970 to Nov. 1973, and was I also the Production Manager of GIP. I moved from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia, then to Qatar, and finally to Canada. The article "PARADISE LOST" on the RAF Site was written by me and I sent it to you for posting.

Best wishes to you all.

Sheikh Saadi


Sheikh, I'm so sorry for your loss as I'm sure are all the people that visit this site are as well.
Best wishes to you in this hard time.


Hello Sheikh,I wish to echo Tonys sentiments regarding your late wife.The education section at Gan in 72 had a great part in helping me gain my Cpls stripes finally got to learn maths properly after the education at a secondary modern in the sixties failed me miserably good to here from you.Bob


Hello Sheikh, I also echo the sentiments of my fellow ex-RAF Gan friends. So sorry to hear of your sad loss, please accept my sympathies at this sad time. I also passed my RAF Education Part 1 in English while on Gan. If you do have any GIP's from 1972-73 I would be eternally grateful, as I contributed quite a few entry's to the GIP at that period of time.


Hello Sheikh,
I also wish to echo Tonys sentiments regarding your late wife. Like Willie I also sat my RAF Education Part 1 at the Education Centre, although that was in 1975..

Thank you for the GIP and Diary, which I received today, and am converting for upload later this week.

Regards Phil 'Taff' Small