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Re: Ex-Gannites

I remember Jack, one of the fairest SWOs I every came across in my time in SHQ, mind you he was tight, the only way you could get a drink out of him was by sticking your fingers down his throat.

Re: Ex-Gannites

Not the infamous Jack Russell !!!!!
The guy is a tight arse, never bought us a beer for christmas, but he came by to sample ours, and what was in that violin case - we will never know ????

Re: Ex-Gannites


Re: Ex-Gannites

What happened to Harry Walsh, the guy that started this thread off?? Doesn't he like talking to (lwr case) cretins?
By the way, what is a bloody "Vulture"????

I think we must have upset him, can't see how. I thought all Gannites had a sense of humour, obviously not!!

Not confused is he??