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Re: Harry McMenemy

I worked with your Dad at Pitreavie Castle back in the early 1980s. I have fond memories of your Dad and his family (prob your Mum, Grandma etc.) giving us a version of the Camdown Races song down at the White Bear Club at Pitreavie Castle. Another memory of your father that sticks in my mind was him and Happy Halliday doing the Balloon dance!
I last bumped into your Dad back in the late 80s at Maastricht during an Exercise. We met in a bar and I remember the 2 of us wandering around Maastricht at 1am looking for a nightclub/bar and i think by doing so we were also breaking a curfew as we had to be back by midnight. We returned to our accomodation later that morning, shook hands and that was the last time I saw Harry. I was gutted when I heard of his death in 1990, I remember having to read the signal twice whilst in the Commcen at Strike Command. What a great Dad you had.
Bob MacDonald

Re: Harry McMenemy

I worked with Harry (geordie) at Stanbridge in 1970/71 had a few drunken times .... got back in touch with him when he was at Fylingdales and was trying to arrange a session up that way ... but unfortunately he passed on before I could meet up with him again ... what a guy .... one of the best ... and what a fantastic turn-out for his funeral .... it's a shame we can't put the clock back for people like Harry

Tony Sirrell
What is your name? Julie McMenemy


What year/s were you on Gan? N/A

Which section? N/A

Where do you live? (Town/Country) Belfast

How did you find this website?
Word of Mouth then Google Search

Please enter your comments?

I am the daughter of Harry McMenemy who served in Gan in '72. It's now 16 years since my dad died in 1990, but seems like yesterday. I am getting married in June and he has been on my mind a lot.

In case anyone wasn't aware of what happened after Gan, Harry was married in '75 and I was born in '76 and my brother in '81. We were posted to Cyprus, High Wycombe, Gloucester, Dunfermline, Gibraltar, and finally Whitby. He loved the RAF and his friends he made.

I only knew my dad as my dad, it is so nice to see photo's of a time I wasn't there and see him in so many photo's. Actually, I'm not surprised he was in so many as he was a complete poser and would put me and my mum to shame with the amount of time he spent getting ready and lookng in the mirror!!

Anyway, thank you, it's so nice to see him, especially in a place he thought was amazing. I would really appreciate it if anyone would e-mail me any stories or pictures you might have so I can keep them and also tell his future grand children what a great grandad he would have been.

Thanks again

Julie Mc xxx